Sunday, March 20, 2016

October 2015

I don't remember October being so busy but as I look back at our pictures I guess it was a busy month. Jefferson was knee-deep in studying for his PHR so we had a good time on days off and Fall Break.

First up on the Fall Break list was Vertuccio Farms. It was a change from our usual Schnepf Farms but we all had a great time. They had giant bounce pads/pillows, a tractor ride, animals, big fast slides, and these hilarious blow up horses that you could 'ride.' 

Emery loves to help me cook and bake. We make cinnamon rolls every General Conference weekend and she is great at rolling out the dough and rolling it up again. She loves this job. 


This is our second Halloween party for Emery's friends from Nursery at church and the younger cousins. She was a great hostess. They had a ghost hunt, made masks, painted pumpkins, and decorated cookies. I think everyone had a great time!

Halloween!! This year Emery wanted to be Minnie Mouse and we think that she was the cutest Minnie around. She was so excited when I put her costume on her and she looked in the mirror. I thought she said "I look like Minnie" so I said "Yes, you do look like Minnie." Then she said "No, I AM Minnie."

We had a couple of storms in October. The side of our house ends up getting a giant puddle that Emery loves to splash in. On this day, it hailed so we had a "snowball" fight in the backyard. She was in heaven. 

Pictures from my phone from October:

We went to the IDEA Museum and I had very low expectations but was very surprised. Emery loved it there and especially loved the garden area. We ended up playing there for almost 3 hours!

Dairy Queen sent out some amazing coupons so we had an ice cream night. Emery got to hold her Ice Cream card and was so excited. It was the first time she actually liked ice cream and has enjoyed plenty of bowls since then.

We got to spend lots of time with family in October.

She likes Mr. McFeeley from Daniel Tiger so we turned an old box into a mailbox for her. 

I had to have her try on her Minnie skirt to make sure it fit and then she wore it the rest of the night. 

She decided she was cold one morning.

Making lemonade with Daddy.

Swinging with cousin Ashley.

Being Daddy.

Friends at the Trunk or Treat.

Playing at the park.

There you have it...October... it sure was a lot of fun!