Wednesday, September 25, 2013

7 Month Milestones

7 Months Old

My favorite picture lately. She looks so beautiful in just a simple white onesie.

-Sitting Up: August 18, 2013

-Scooting: Forever and then stalled while learning and loving to sit up
-First Tooth: August 29, 2013

You can't see the tooth in any of these but it was definitely poking through. It was actually kind of nice to (still) have a little toothless smile because we were honestly a little sad when we realized those days were numbered.

-Hands Up on Side of Pack n Play: September 4, 2013

-Army Crawling: September 6, 2013

-Second Tooth: September 8, 2013

-Officially Moved to the Crib (due to the happenings on 9/4): September 9, 2013

Picture Time!!
Playing with her toys! She's pretty easily entertained.

"Mom, will you please stop taking my picture!"

"Okay, just one more."

I love this picture. A totally candid shot of her having a great time playing.

She was screaming (with joy) and moving her head back and forth. Hilarious!
"Oh, what is this thing on my head?"
I didn't think that bow would stay on very long.
Trying applesauce for the first time.

Not too sure.

Really not sure. Later on she started gagging and being totally disgusted. We have tried it a few time since and she still hates it.