Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Way Too Attached

...to my mascara. Pathetic, I know. However, I feel like I am not necessarily the only female in the universe that feels attached to a certain brand. This is why it was so devastating when, while doing my makeup, i somehow hit my open bottle of mascara off of the counter and into the toilet. Now, if it had been closed I may have thought twice before throwing it away but since it was open there was no way that I was going to use it. Gross.

...to google searching. I google search reviews on almost everything before I buy it, even if it means reading reviews on different brands of mascara. I decided to switch to see if mine was really the best out there and, much like a new haircut that needs a couple of days to get used to, I think this new stuff will be fantastic after a couple of days. And thank goodness, unlike a bad haircut, mascara can be replaced if it ends up not working. I also learned after an unfortunate quick trip to walmart after getting a call from a boy when I was already on my way and practically ran through the store to get the basics, I now always double check to make sure that I am not grabbing the bright blue mascara.

Monday, January 23, 2012

T minus 32 hours

In about 32 hours we will be in the Valley of the Sun and couldn't love that name any more than we do right now. After the snow storm this weekend and the cold, cloudy weather today we cannot get home faster. Isn't it funny how the days before a vacation are more hectic than normal days? Make sure the laundry is done. Do the dishes. Pay the bills. Clean the house. Not to mention switching car insurance. I don't know how you people with kids do it. I may bring a lot of this on myself since the I feel the need to mop the floors and clean the bathrooms the day before we leave even if they have all just been cleaned. Maybe it's because I hate unpacking so I think that maybe if I have a clean house to come home to it will make the unpacking a little less dreadful. Either way, a clean house is much nicer to come home to than a dirty house so maybe the craziness of the days before vacation help make the vacation that much better.

We cannot wait to see...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I've Been Thinking...

Lately I've been thinking a lot about Emergency Preparedness and the things that we need. Thanks to my mother-in-law we have a pretty good supply of canned/boxed food that we could eat off of for a while. However we don't really have stuff together in a quick way to grab in case we don't have a lot of time to gather everything together or things always in the car in case there is ever an emergency either. Now, if any of you have ever seen the trunk of my car you know that I could probably survive out of there for plenty of time but do I really want to eat ridiculously stale peanut butter crackers or have to layer on all of the clothes that I have been meaning to take to DI for months? No, I'd rather just take some time and put an actual kit together for Jeff and myself in our cars. So what does this all mean?

My goal between now and General Conference is to have a 72-hour kit for each of us in the house and an Emergency Car Kit in each of our cars. That gives me about 3 months to collect and shop the sales. Thank goodness for pinterest and all  of the people out there that have gone before and made awesome lists. I have compiled a list of things from these lists adjusted because let's be honest, I'd rather not eat those tuna from a pouch things.

These are not ours but they're what I hope that they end up looking like.

I wish I could be like this woman so after the Emergency Kits maybe I'll try doing this. She plans all of her 3 month storage into meals in bags with the recipe. Genius!

I'm always up for ideas and suggestions so if you have any, let me know. Oh and I do plan on giving a Christmas/New Years update, maybe today, probably tomorrow.