Thursday, November 14, 2013

9 Month Milestones

The life of a 9 month old is just full of fun! Look for a separate post coming shortly about 'A Day in the Life" but for now you can just enjoy these adorable pictures from this cute girl and be jealous. The month of October was so much fun around our house. Jeff had 3 days off for Fall Break (also getting it's own post) so we got to go to Schnepf Farms and do all of the fun fall things that living in Utah has made me miss now that we are back home (pumpkin patches, cooler weather, etc). Emery also continues to love playing and learning more and more each day. It's amazing to see the world through the eyes of a 9 month old and see the simplicity of joy, love, and life.

Started pulling herself up on the couch. We moved the cushions because she couldn't get a good enough grip on them. October 5, 2013
Feeling like such a big girl! So proud of herself!
 She has been putting things in her mouth her entire life. This month brought it to a whole new level. We now know what people mean when they say they worry when it's quiet. She has eaten a cardboard box, foam football, and puts anything in her mouth that she can. Don't worry, she didn't actually eat these things. I had to do the Mom Finger Swipe which caused crying and refusal to open her mouth along with about half an hour of glares and only wanting to play with Dad. The cute part of this is that she'll use her mouth as a third hand whether or not she needs a third hand. She spent an entire afternoon playing with other toys while holding her bracelet in her mouth. This has come in very handy now that she's a crawler.
Who needs to wear a bracelet when you can hold it in your mouth?

Look Mom, no hands! I believe she was actually dancing in this picture...another favorite playtime activity.

 She got a hold of this ribbon and loved unwinding it and playing with it. We have since stopped letting her play with it now that she can move around and it has become more of a choking hazard.
October 30, 2013

Just a sneak peek at her halloween costume--cutest bumble bee on the planet.
October 29, 2013 (before the Trunk or Treat)
 She has really started loving to feed herself. Bananas are her favorite thing and she eats at least haslf a banana a day. We also try feeding her toast pieces with applesauce on them but she hasn't really loved that any of the times we have tried.
November 8, 2013
She rarely regulates her food intake and her tray normally has only the amount of food that is safe to have in her mouth at one time. This day she was being good about it. We have since gone back to 2-3 pieces at a time.

 Even though she had been pulling herself up on the couch for a while, we didn't really have anything else for her to practice on and we didn't pull the cushions off the couch everyday. While this bin was in our living room, she pulled herself on it multiple times and even let go for a couple of seconds before grabbing back on. She is really good at sitting down when she is done standing instead of just letting go and falling over.
November 11, 2013
 Emery started crawling (multiple times) on October 30, 2013. She had been doing it here and there for a couple of 'steps' but this was the first day that she really got the hang of it. I crawl around the side of the couch and hide from her and she crawls around until she finds me. She thinks it's hilarious when she finds Mom. I have yet to get a good picture of her crawling because the last time I tried she was too fast for me and crawled over to grab the camera before I could get a real picture in.
"Oh, hello Mom."

 She spends most of her playtime crawling all over me and climbing on me. I think we definitely have a little climber on our hands. Luckily she hasn't even noticed the stairs yet.
I LOVE this picture.
Other notable things about Emery as a 9 month old:
-She started waving when people wave at her. We'll walk through Walmart and she'll stick her hand out. She also waves at Jeff when he comes home and randomly throughout the evening.
-Emery is GREAT at sharing! She just started doing this right before she turned 10 months old. She'll be playing with something and hand it to you and then stick her hand out for you to hand it back to her. Last night, she crawled around the side of the couch and was sitting there. She started sharing her toy with Dad but when she would stick her hand out to give it to him or to get it back all you could see was this little hand sticking out from the side of the couch. It was so cute!
-Emery is also a GREAT listener. She has pretty much ignored all of our furniture, TV, fans, etc but on occasion she would touch something that she shouldn't. All we have to do is say "Emery" is a somewhat...scolding?... tone and she looks at us, cries, and then crawls away from it never to touch it again. We are definitely lucky to have such a good little girl.
-Emery can pass toys and things from one hand to the other behind her head. It is so cute to see her little elbows up by her face and watch as she just has a ball playing with her toys.
-Emery puts her hand up to her ears like she is talking on the phone when you say "hello!" It is adorable, especially when she has her play phone or any toy in her hand.
-I'm not sure if this was at the beginning of 9 months or end of 8 months but Emery will clap when you say "Good Job!" It is adorable, although sometimes we have to wait to praise her until she has actually finished crawling or throwing balls, etc. Otherwise she will stop just before she is about to take her first crawl and sit up and clap for herself.
-Loves to peek over the back of the couch at Mom and Dad if either of us are in the kitchen and then smiles or laughs when you acknowledge her.