Monday, August 18, 2014

Emery and the Chicken Song

Have you seen the new Foster Farms commercial with the choir holding the chickens and the chickens sing? It's Emery's new favorite thing. She kept wanting it to come on when we were watching a show and it wasn't so I found it on youtube and recorded her watching it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

18 Months Old

I can't believe Emery is already 18 months old. A year and a half. Crazy! Life with an 18 month old is crazy, fun, hilarious, exhausting, and full of love. Emery loves talking and is such a good talker. She says so many words that I have officially lost track and is starting to string words together like "Emery baby" or, her favorite, "One more chocolate." She has to have her purse with her keys and phone just like mom whenever we go anywhere. Lately, she has also needed to bring her baby with as well and she sits next to Emery in the cart.

18 Month Stats
(August 12, 2014-really almost 19 months)
32 1/4 inches
21 lbs 14oz
13 teeth
Still a long and lean girl.
Before church on her first day of nursery. Nursery isn't going too well for this little one. Last week she stayed in there the third hour all by herself and they said she only cried a little bit but she has been so clingy to me for the last week and a half since. When I took her in and stayed with her this past Sunday she cried with me sitting there playing with her. 1 o'clock church does not help since that's naptime but she'll get almost a whole extra year in nursery since she misses going to primary by 2 weeks so it's okay if it takes her a little longer to acclimate. 

Emery's little buns just fall out of her diaper every once in a while and it is definitely picture worthy.

Emery is the best cleaning helper in the world. She helps me vacuum, mop, wipe things off, and other chores. It may take longer than doing it myself but it sure is fun and filled with love.

Remember how I said that one of her favorite phrases is "One more chocolate"? Here is Emery eating her chocolate donut.

After church a couple weeks ago. Nothing special other than the fact that she was looking oh so cute!

Hmmm what should I eat??
 Emery has been loving on her baby the last couple days. Baby fell off of the stairs and she picked her up, hugged her, and said "(It's)Okay baby!"

Life with an 18 month old is just so fun!

Monday, August 4, 2014

SeaLife AZ Aquarium

With Jeff having Fridays off again this summer, we tried to take advantage of some fun things around town. We took Emery to SeaLife Arizona last summer and she loved it so we figured we would try it again. She had the best time running from one thing to the next and back again! There was one area at the beginning that she especially loved. She would run between the fish tank and the little water table area and would get so excited when the water table would fill up with water and splash her. She could have run back and forth all day and we let her for probably 20 minutes. Forgive me for some of the pictures being blurry. The combination of weird lighting and an excited Emery created the perfect storm for some pictures.

This is the tank at the very beginning and the one Emery kept running back and forth to.

Cute girl!

Having so much fun!

She loves fish

This is the water table. Every minute or so a wave comes in and it splashes up on the rocks. She loved it!

Getting ready to run back to the fish tank.

And back to the water table

Trying to catch the fish

Emery even got to touch a starfish with only a little help from Dad.

Just watching. I love watching her observe and learn. She was in amazement the whole time.

Trying to get her to sit still to take a picture with me. I love this picture. It's typical Emery.

Swimming with the fish!

Our cute girl!

Dad is the perfect aquarium partner

She loves climbing up on things so she was in love with the little amphitheater.

Hanging out with Dad. Again, too busy for pictures guys!


Inside the tunnel so she was looking up at something swimming on the ceiling.
Emery loved these giant teeth! She was good at sharing with other kids as long as she was allowed to get back in as soon as they had finished. She kept yelling "again!"

Woah fish!

I think all aquariums should have double sized tanks like this so that you can actually get pictures of your kids looking at the fish instead of a profile-type picture.

Yes, that is our child sliding on the floor. Apparently I was not embarrassed enough to get her off the floor before documenting this occurrence. It just seemed like a little kid milestone (even if it wasn't the best) so it needed a picture.

They had this cool thing where you're just walking on the floor but where you step makes a ripple so it looks like you're walking on water. Emery loved it!

So did Jefferson

Trying to figure out what was going on

We had a great time at the aquarium and recommend it to anyone and everyone. It's a little pricey but we spent 2 hours and you can come back as many times as you want in a day. We went and ate lunch and were going to go back through but it was getting pretty close to naptime so we packed up and headed home where Emery got a great nap after running around all morning.