Monday, November 19, 2012

What's Going on in Our Neck of the Woods... a lot since the last post (sorry about that). Did I ever tell you about Jefferson's New Years' Goals in January? They went something like this:

1. Get a New Job (hopefully close to home)-- check!

2. Buy a House-- check!

You read that right! We are the proud owners of our very own house and it is so nice to be out of apartment life and into our very own space. Our Saturday mornings are now filled with housework and yardwork which leads to some much-deserved Saturday afternoon football watching.

3. Have a Baby--almost check

I believe that this was me at 28 weeks. Not the cutest picture but you can see the ever-growing belly and even part of the new kitchen that I love! We are also counting this goal as not checked off even though the due date is January 19 because then we can make it a 2013 goal and check it off the list super early!

I don't know that we'll ever have a year with such big goals or such success in accomplishing them so we are feeling very blessed to have had such a great year so far and we can't believe that it is almost over!