Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1 Month Old

9lbs 9oz
21.5 inches long

I can't believe our little baby is already a month old! Her 1 month birthday happened to fall on Valentines' Day and she had a doctor appointment so we ventured out and then went to Culver's for lunch with Daddy afterwards. Delicious! She did great the whole time and only fussed about being in her seat about 2 minutes before we got home.

-Sleeps in the bassinet next to the bed at night! We are so excited that she can sleep in the bassinet at night because it makes it much easier for me to get her in and out. She has started to fuss in her sleep though like she's uncomfortable or annoyed or sometimes even hungry but then I look over and she's completely asleep. It's nice that it doesn't seem to bother her but it keeps me up and checking on her all night so hopefully it's just a phase.

-Has started to smile a couple of times every day when it obviously isn't gas or her about to fall asleep. The first time it happened she smiled twice and then immediately turned into a sad face. It was so funny and cute! She has smiled every day since then and we finally grabbed the camera in time to at least get the end of a smile. She starts out by making a kind of squinched up pirate face before it totally turns into a smile.

-Stays content sitting on the table in the boppy while we eat most nights which is nice for Jeff because he was always the one who would hold her while we were eating. I'll tell you, I don't like the boppy for it's actual purpose but it's great for her to sit on and use for tummy time.

-Went to Glendale to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the first time. It was Great Grandma Betty's birthday on Sunday so we headed over to celebrate. She did great and even sat in her seat happily the whole time we ate dinner.

-Has started to roll to her side, especially when she's sleeping in the bouncy seat. If she could just make it over that shoulder she would probably be on her tummy.

3 Weeks Old

-First week home with Jefferson at work all week and Emery and mom at home alone together. It was nice because we were able to get into a rhythm and as much of a schedule as a 3 week old can have.

-Sleeps in the bassinet at naptime (success) and hasn't had any problem while sleeping with the throwing up issue. Now it only happens when she overeats and has happened way less this week than any other. We'll try moving the bassinet up to our room for sleeping probably next week so that I don't have to get her in and out of such a low sleeper.

-Still sleeps great at night with the same schedule that she's had since pretty much day one out of the hospital. She's usually awake and wants to play in the mornings, naps all afternoon, and wakes back up around 5 where she stays awake until bedtime around 9.

-When she's awake in the mornings we read books, sing songs, have tummy time, lay under the play thing, and have talks about whatever I can think of. She loves looking at the fan/light and at blinds when they're closed and the light is coming through the slats. She also really loves laying on her changing pad and looking out the window into the backyard. Sometimes I worry about her being bored but she always seems pretty content and cries when we've been doing the same thing for too long so I don't think she gets bored too often. When I do think she's getting bored we make things for Dad to eat when he gets home.

-When she's awake at night she usually plays with Daddy since she's just barely waking up when he leaves for work in the morning.

-Had her first real bath and loved it! She loved the warm water and could have probably stayed in there forever which is good because she pooped all over her towel as soon as we took her out so back in the bath she went. At least it didn't waste a diaper and outfit.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

2 Weeks Old

Miss Emery at 2 Weeks Old (Jan. 28, 2013)
pictures taken Jan. 29 by Aunt Stephanie

And my 2 absolute favorites...


Yes I know there are pictures but they are my 2 favorite shots and I just can't decide which lighting I like the best.
2 week updates:
-Still have all of the dark brown hair and we can't believe how long it is. This is not typical baby hair that is more like fuzz. She has actual hair so we'll see how the whole falling out thing goes. Mom is hoping it just stays like it is.
-Still have gorgeous big blue eyes without a hint of changing so we're thinking she'll end up with blue or green eyes.
-Still eats and sleeps like a champ. I am so spoiled that when her nighttime sleep schedule gets off I think 'what is going on' and then remember that most 2 week olds don't sleep for 5 hours at a time at night and I remember how lucky I am.
-Doesn't sleep in the bassinet or pack 'n play. Only in the boucy seat or glider so that she can be reclined. She still spits up a while after eating even when she's had good burps and is sound asleep. Every once in a while she still vomits (which I have been told is not really vomit just LOTS of spit up) so I am fine keeping her sleeping in the glider at night so I don't have to worry about her chocking in the middle of the night but I'll start to try to get her taking naps on a flatter surface otherwise we'll never get her in her crib.
-Loves when dad comes home from work and plays with her. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Eskimo Kisses

Daddy and Emery
January 24, 2013

1 Week Old

Emery's first week was spent mostly in the hospital hanging out with dad and trying not to get too upset when poked at 4am. By the time we finally got home she was already 4 days old and by the time the weekend was over she was already a week old. My mom was waiting for us when we got home from the hospital and stayed until Monday afternoon. She took Emery at night and just brought her in for feedings so that we could sleep, cooked us 3 meals, helped with Emery's first "bath" and did so many other things for us. It was so nice to be able to be home and still have so much help! We have been lucky that since the first night home from the hospital Emery has a great night eating/sleeping schedule that many moms of newborns would love. She eats twice at night and once in the "early" morning when many people are awake but I would rather not be.

One Week Old Stats (Jan. 21, 2013)
8lbs 11oz
We went to our 1 week appointment and love our doctor! Jeff's friend is also the receptionist at the office so it was fun seeing her. When we left the hospital on Friday Emery weighed 8lbs even. At her 1 week appointment the next Monday she had gained 11oz and was well past her birth weight. She had also grown just a little bit.
 The next day we had to go get her second PKU test done at the lab and she did great! She barely even cried at all and as soon as it was over you never would have known that anything had just happened. Here's a tip: if you ever have to take a newborn to a lab call ahead and ask for an appointment at their slowest time. There were only 2 or 3 other people in the waiting room with us and we only waited for maybe 5 minutes. However, someone brought his dog in with him to pay his bill and Jeff and I both eyed the dog the entire time. Thank goodness for the car seat cover.

Jeff's mom came Monday night and stayed during the week. She also took Emery at night so we got even more sleep which was nice since Jeff had to work on Wednesday. She helped cook and clean so we were very spoiled our whole first week home.
I was even more spoiled because Jefferson got to take two weeks off of work for Emery so we had a whole week at home together before he had to go back to work. It was so nice having him at home not only to help but to just be our little family together.

Jefferson bought Emery a bunch of flowers for her hair.
Maybe this is why she is such a daddy's girl already.

Grandma getting the bath ready

She actually was pretty content most of the time until the very end.


Or maybe this is why she is such a daddy's girl.
Jeff's favorite saying is already "Mom made me do it!"