Tuesday, April 16, 2013

12 Weeks

 Isn't that smile just the cutest thing you have ever seen?! Oh my gosh do we love this girl!
-Continues to laugh harder and harder with each passing week. On Saturday I came downstairs after taking a shower and heard massive amounts of giggling and pure joy coming up the stairs. Once I got to the family room I saw Jeff grabbing her feet while she was in the swing. She was laughing so hard and it was absolutely adorable. Every time I try to get it on video she stops so one day you will all be able to hear it or maybe she's just saving it for Mom and Dad. Either way, we're still the lucky ones.
-Holds her head up almost all the time until it gets just a little too heavy. She's great at holding it up and has a little bit of trouble if her chin falls and she has to pick her head back up. We're working on it. We're also working on keeping it up while leaning back but that is coming along as well. We are so proud of our little growing girl and all of the things that she is constantly learning to do. Sometimes I forget how hard just learning how to hold her head up is until she gives us a look like "Guys, this is so hard and I am so tired!"
-Started sitting in the Bumbo. Now that she holds her head up really well we tried putting her in the Bumbo over the weekend. We still sat right by her and made sure that her head didn't just flop around or back (which it didn't...I'm telling you, she's a rockstar). She absolutely loved it! We think she likes finally being able to really look around and see what's going on instead of constantly being reclined and having to look mostly at the ceiling.
-Spent her first night unswaddled while sleeping. She usually is out by 9 (usually more like 8:30) but one night this week she was so tired but just couldn't relax enough to fall asleep so she was screaming and getting so hot. I unswaddled her because she was hot and then handed her off to Jeff. He sang her to sleep and we both thought "Uh oh, she's not swaddled. I wonder how long this will last." Well, it lasted until 4:17am so I guess we're slowly progressing. Every night since I have still swaddled her but she always gets her arms free and then just holds on to the top of the blanket so I'm really not sure if that is even classified as swaddling anyway.
-Still dealing with the whole congestion/snot thing but it seems to be getting a little better. Generally, I only have to suck out her nose first thing in the morning and occasionally during her middle of the night feeding.
-Speaking of feedings...Emery consistently makes it from about 8:30pm-7am with only one night feeding, usually around 3:30am. She starts to stir around 5:30 but we just turn on the swaying motion of the glider that she sleeps in and sometimes stick in a binky and she's good to go.
This picture does not do it justice but there is always so much drool when she laughs.


She's getting great at Superman!

So cute!

Playing with the cow. Her favorite toy.

Airing out first thing in the morning. (I don't know why this picture keeps uploading upside down)
Chillin in the Bumbo.

11 Weeks Old

I absolutely LOVE this picture of her. Something about it just makes me smile.
 -Hair is really started to grow back even though she was never really bald because she started with so much. It's cute that she has her little hair back and the hair on top and in the back is still her baby hair so it's long and soft and sticks up after having a headband on for too long. She is also constantly getting hand lint tangled in her hair but doesn't seem to mind when we get it out with the washcloth and comb.
-Started getting allergies or something and got congested at night. We're not sure if it's allergies or just dry air but we bought a cute elephant humidifier and she sleeps with it on every night. We also spent almost an entire week avoiding the outdoors but it didn't seem to help a whole lot which is also why we're thinking it might just be dry air. I've become a pro at using what is affectionately referred to as "the booger sucker" and she doesn't mind most of the time.
-Started to grab onto her blanket or my shirt during nap time. One afternoon she woke up every time I tried getting my shirt back so she ended up just taking a nap with her hands all wrapped up in it. She also has this cute little elephant that is attached to a mini-blanket that she holds onto.
-Listened to her first General Conference and did great! Saturday she napped through almost all of both sessions. Sunday, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Clarks' house where she refused to nap until about 2pm and then only napped for about an hour.
-FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. I'm not sure if I've mentioned on here but Emery has a serious case of FOMO. Any time she thinks that something fun is or will be going on she refuses to nap. At least most of the time she is still happy looking around and being entertained by whatever she's afraid of missing out on.
-Pooped through her pajamas and blanket one morning so she got an unplanned bath. Jeff thought she did it on purpose just to be able to get in her bathtub which she still loves. 


10 Weeks Old

-DROOL. Man, this little girl loves drooling. When she smiles she drools. When she eats she drools. When cuddling with mom and dad she drools. And oh man when she starts laughing, does she ever drool.

-Laughing. Before, this girl would laugh or kind of snort. While walking through Walmart the other day, however, I looked at her and said "boo" and she laughed and giggled. She still gets the hiccups every single time that she laughs so hopefully she will eventually realize that she has to breathe while laughing. It's a work in progress.

-Has started to play more with us and her toys. Now she lays under her play mat and bats at her toys. She also enjoys her little cow toy that Jefferson bought her before she was born. It's her favorite and can get her to smile faster than almost anything.

-Grabs things with her feet. Yes, this could be included with the bullet above but deserves its own mention. Ever since Emery was born Jeff has played with her little toes. He gets her to grab his fingers with her toes and feet. Now she likes grabbing things with her feet instead of her hands. It is so cute! Now we need to work more with her hands so that she doesn't constantly go around grabbing everything with her feet.

-Licking. I believe this has been going on the last two weeks but man oh man is she a little licker. She licks her hands, her toys, my shoulder, anyone who's holder her. It's so adorable. Sometimes when she smiles or laughs she sticks her tongue out SO far.

-Really likes being read to. We spend part of our morning and afternoons laying in bed reading books about Farm Babies, Barnyard Dances, and giving a Moose a Muffin.

-Most of the pictures of Emery at 10 weeks were taken on Easter weekend which already had its own post.