Thursday, February 26, 2015

November 2014

Playing Catch-up Again...that just means we're having too much fun to slow down and blog...enjoy!

Emery loves playing the piano. She climbs up and plays all by herself. Lately, she has been loving playing the piano with her friends...this day it was pumpkin and green brown bear. My grandma makes the pumpkins and Emery has become very attached and carries it around like a baby.

You can't really tell in this picture but Emery has been obsessed with my heels. She'll go into my closet and come out wearing them, usually not matching ones. She has gotten very good at walking in them.

Are you noticing a pattern in her cute cheese face? We got some glow stick necklaces and decided to go outside to try them out. She thought it was the best thing ever. Once it got a little darker she had dad chase her around and then she was chasing him around and all you could see was her little necklace bobbing up and down.

Matching heels on this time. Man do we just love this little girl.

Emery started to really love playing with legos and building towers. She built this one all by herself and was very proud of it so, of course, we had to take a picture with it. Also, footie pajamas are just about the cutest thing.

Riding her bike. Jeff's brother gave us this bike when his kids were done riding it. She found it one day while we were cleaning out the garage and loved 'riding' it around. Usually she just sits on it and walks with her feet. She knows where her feet are supposed to go but hasn't quite figured out how to push so that she moves. She did get going really fast down the driveway. Luckily dad was there to keep everyone safe. She kept yelling things like "Watch out car!"

We started an etsy shop! This was our first set of orders!

Decorating for Christmas and trimming the tree! Emery really got into it this year and loved the lights. We had them on the tree and the stairs and Dad put some outside over the garage. Her face just lit up every time we turned them on and especially when we went on walks or did the Loop of Lights in a different subdivision.

Picking just the right one

I love her face in this one. She was being so careful.

She spent HOURS like this throughout the holiday season touching the ornaments that we put at the bottom specifically for that purpose. One was a snowman bell that she would ring. She also just loved to touch the lights and tell us what color it was. 

November in there anything better? The weather this year was still a little warm for November but the morning were nice so we took advantage and went to the park A LOT. Emery was finally getting to the age where playing at the park was really fun.

The Library!!! We love the library and have gone there at least once a week for a year. We started going to Babytime right after Emery turned 1. They did all kinds of songs, stories, and playtime for babies. Emery and I loved it. Then we fall storytime started up we started double dipping and doing Babytime on Tuesdays and Toddler Time on Wednesdays. Toddler Time is a little more advanced. Emery's favorite thing is the craft that they do afterwards every week. She also loves the giant flannel board. On this particular day they made a turkey out of their handprint. Definitely one for the scrapbook.

Doing some Christmas shopping. We don't have a mall very close but luckily there's a strip mall with a Target, Kohls, Ross, Joanns, etc that we did most of our shopping at. Sometimes I'm a fun mom and let her walk outside between the different stores instead of sitting in her stroller. This was one of those days. She kept running around the circle around the trees yelling "I'm going! I'm going!" I also cannot get over how darling her purple sweatshirt and tennis shoes are.