Kindness Speaks

With so much negativity going on we'd like to have a place where people can share their stories and read others' stories about how they have seen Kindness Speak. It can be something as simple as someone letting you go ahead of them in line at the grocery store after seeing that your little one was having a meltdown or as grand as the stories that get shared all over Facebook. Basically we just want there to be a piece of the world where people can share Kindness.

If you feel comfortable, we are asking that you share a time where you have seen Kindness Speak. It doesn't even have to be a time that you were kind or even a time where someone has been kind to you--it can be a time where you were a witness to another's kind actions.

To share:

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Your story will be shared on the Kindness Speaks blog as well as on the Facebook page (Kindness Speaks) so if you would like to be anonymous just let us know, otherwise we will put your name but no other personal information. If you have multiple stories, send them all. If you can't think of one then just be on the look out. We know it's hard to think of things on the spot. We hope that this also inspires you to notice kindness around you and let your kind actions speak as well. We hope that this helps you see the kindness around you instead of the negativity that is so easily seen. 

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