Wednesday, October 16, 2013

8 Month Milestones

I have loved all ages and stages in Emery's life but so far this month may have been one of my favorites. It's so fun watching her learn and grow. She is becoming more and more interactive and loving play time more each day. There have been a lot of new things that she has learned this month and one of my favorite things is to see how proud she is of herself when she learns something new and we are cheering for her!

So, here are the things Emery learned as an 8 month old:

-Saying "Dadadadada" (the noise, not saying it in reference to Dada): September 19, 2013

-Knees and Elbows Rocking: September 21, 2013

-Squinchy Face: September 22, 2013

One day I will get a front shot of the squinchy face but for now this cute one will do.

-Clapping: September 30, 2013
I love how proud of herself she is.

Still requires a little bit of concentration.
-Saying 'Mama" (mostly when crying to yelling agrily): October 6, 2013

-Pulling Herself Up onto Her Knees: October 5, 2013

-Third Tooth (Top Right): October 10, 2013

-Drinking Out of Her Sippy Cup on Her Own: October 9, 2013
This was when we were 'practicing.' Now she's a pro and can drink from it at any angle and her new trick is drinking it with only one finger.

-Feeding Herself: October 10, 2013
Banana puffs are delicious

I'm ready whenever you are, Mom.

Making sure it's going to stay in there.

-On Hands and Knees By Herself: : (once) October, 11, 2013; (multiple times) October 12, 2013
She has been army crawling for a while and had no interest in real crawling so we had moved on to standing. Then she decided to try crawling.

Watching Dad as he sang "Hands and Knees! Hands and Knees!" Once again, she was so proud of herself.