Thursday, June 20, 2013

4 Months Old in Pictures

Sticking Out That Tongue

4 Months Old

She loves chewing on her thumb. Not sucking...just chewing.

Playing with the ball

Like I said, she likes chewing on things

This is my favorite action shot of all time. We constantly hear her grunting in frustration only to see that she is just trying to eat something that is out of reach.

Playing in her Bumbo

Just hanging out

Rolled over all by herself!

Flying with Dad

Drying off after bath time

She found her toes

They're her new favorite toy

Playing in the exersaucer

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Little Swimmer

On Memorial Day (May 27) we went to Jenn and Ryan's house for a little party and some swimming. This was Emery's first time swimming and I was so excited for her to finally be able to put on her cute little swimsuit. We were a little worried about how she would do and I was paranoid that she would get an ear infection. She loves baths and Jenn's pool is always so warm so we were hoping that she would love it. I'm not sure that she loved it but she at least liked it. She stayed in there for about an hour and just kind of hung out in the zone. I think she almost fell asleep one time too. She was so cute in her swimsuit and little hat and did great. It is so much fun to watch her do all of these "firsts" and fun adventures with our little family.


When you live in Arizona, swimming is an essential summer activity so we're very glad that Emery enjoyed her first swimming experience. Getting a little squirming baby out of her wet swimsuit and swim diaper is much more challenging that I would have guessed so next time we'll just get her out before she gets tired and hungry. Thank you to Claire for the swimsuit and Grandma for the hat!

The Peach Festival

We are lucky enough to live right down the road from Schnepf Farms and they host a variety of different festivals for free throughout the year. After a week of dealing with the traffic from the event we decided to spend our Saturday morning there and it was a great decision!

We went in the morning since it's already starting to get a little toasty around here. Poor Emery had no view of anything while we were walking to the sampling tent since the sun was in her eyes.

Once we got to the tent to sample all things peach, they had a huge fan and it was shaded and Emery started loving life. They had everything--peach jam, peach syrup, peach salsa, peach dressing, peach marinade, peach grilling sauce, peach candy, and peach gum.

Then, we decided to go look at the animals. We got her out of the stroller so that she could see them better. They had goats, chickens, a pig, a donkey, and 2 cows. Now, Emery loves cows. She has a toy cow that is her favorite and the cow page in her Farm Babies book is her favorite. One cow wouldn't come over and the other one seemed like he would love some visitors. I got the camera ready and while Jeff was holding her up, the cow licked them! Jeff said it mostly got her arm and his finger and he jumped real quick out of the way. It was hilarious! Our 4 month old got licked by a cow! She seemed totally fine and I tried getting a picture but I wasn't quick enough. This did not just happen to us. After Emery got licked we were looking at other animals and 3 other people did too. As Hayley said, "The licker has now become the lickee."
Looking at the animals





The cow that wanted nothing to do with us
Right after the cow licked Emery. You can see her in the corner as Jeff is pulling her away


Emery and Dad. Doesn't she look huge?!

All in all it was a great day! We went home, ate lunch, took naps, and spent the rest of the day as a family. Things can't get much better than that!

4 Months Old

Isn't she getting so big! These were her official May 14th, 4 month old pictures. Can't you tell she was just thrilled to be there? Oh well, a day in the life right?

Emery is getting so big! I just love her little cheeks and little legs and big hands and feet. Here are some updates for you...

-On May 8 (just a little before her 4 month birthday) we started having her sleep in her pack n' play. She had been sleeping in the glider since she was first born but it was getting too small and she wasn't sleeping well in it anymore. She rolls to her side any time she is sleeping which is almost impossible to do in the glider. For the first 3 nights she woke up an extra time at night and I would just feed her and put her right back in there. Now she sleeps like a champ and loves her extra wiggle room.

-Hangs out in Young Women's with me. I got called to be over the Mia Maids and Emery comes with me on the Sundays that I'm not teaching. If I am teaching then Jeff takes her so that I don't have to worry about her. Mutual is still a little tricky and I have to leave a little early but once she starts eating baby food I think things will get easier.

-Has started to have some separation anxiety or something. She only likes being held by mom and dad. She is fine having other people hold her until she looks up and realizes it's not one of us...then she starts screaming. As soon as Jeff or I grab her she is totally fine. It's kind of cute but if we ever want to go anywhere and have a family member watch her we could be in trouble.

-Extra smiley, especially when dad comes home. She doesn't laugh as much at the moment but she looks around and smiles like she always has. We think she's just a little observer at the moment.

-Continues to get closer and closer to rolling over but just can't quite make it yet. We try and help her once she get close so hopefully that will teach her muscle memory. She is starting to get frustrated not being able to do it so i'm sure my already strong-willed baby girl will get it soon. She loves being on her tummy (most of the time)

Mothers' Day

I am behind on my weekly updates but for now I'll just start here and go fill in the 3 or so weeks in between later.

My first Mothers' Day was so surreal. Last year on Mothers' Day we had just barely moved down to Arizona and were still staying with Jeff's parents while we waited for our apartment to open up. I also thought I was pregnant but didn't know for sure and that Sunday I just kept thinking that it would make me so sad if I wasn't pregnant after thinking that I was. Well, fast forward a year and this Mothers' Day I have a precious baby girl. The morning started off a little rough. We woke up a little later than expected but that was fine and a nice chance to sleep in a little even though we had church at 9 so we couldn't sleep in too much. We went through the normal wake up, change/feed Emery, get ready, get Emery ready, etc. Just as we were about to leave I decided to tighten Emery's diaper because all her wiggling had made it a little loose. At that exact moment she decided to pee everywhere including all over her dress. I was a little frustrated while changing her clothes and realizing that we were going to be late for church. Luckily, we were only a couple minutes late and I was able to pull myself together by the time we got to church. While I was sitting at church I realized that,  really, little girls peeing all over their church clothes at the last possible second is what Mothers' Day is all about.