Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mothers' Day

I am behind on my weekly updates but for now I'll just start here and go fill in the 3 or so weeks in between later.

My first Mothers' Day was so surreal. Last year on Mothers' Day we had just barely moved down to Arizona and were still staying with Jeff's parents while we waited for our apartment to open up. I also thought I was pregnant but didn't know for sure and that Sunday I just kept thinking that it would make me so sad if I wasn't pregnant after thinking that I was. Well, fast forward a year and this Mothers' Day I have a precious baby girl. The morning started off a little rough. We woke up a little later than expected but that was fine and a nice chance to sleep in a little even though we had church at 9 so we couldn't sleep in too much. We went through the normal wake up, change/feed Emery, get ready, get Emery ready, etc. Just as we were about to leave I decided to tighten Emery's diaper because all her wiggling had made it a little loose. At that exact moment she decided to pee everywhere including all over her dress. I was a little frustrated while changing her clothes and realizing that we were going to be late for church. Luckily, we were only a couple minutes late and I was able to pull myself together by the time we got to church. While I was sitting at church I realized that,  really, little girls peeing all over their church clothes at the last possible second is what Mothers' Day is all about.

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