Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Peach Festival

We are lucky enough to live right down the road from Schnepf Farms and they host a variety of different festivals for free throughout the year. After a week of dealing with the traffic from the event we decided to spend our Saturday morning there and it was a great decision!

We went in the morning since it's already starting to get a little toasty around here. Poor Emery had no view of anything while we were walking to the sampling tent since the sun was in her eyes.

Once we got to the tent to sample all things peach, they had a huge fan and it was shaded and Emery started loving life. They had everything--peach jam, peach syrup, peach salsa, peach dressing, peach marinade, peach grilling sauce, peach candy, and peach gum.

Then, we decided to go look at the animals. We got her out of the stroller so that she could see them better. They had goats, chickens, a pig, a donkey, and 2 cows. Now, Emery loves cows. She has a toy cow that is her favorite and the cow page in her Farm Babies book is her favorite. One cow wouldn't come over and the other one seemed like he would love some visitors. I got the camera ready and while Jeff was holding her up, the cow licked them! Jeff said it mostly got her arm and his finger and he jumped real quick out of the way. It was hilarious! Our 4 month old got licked by a cow! She seemed totally fine and I tried getting a picture but I wasn't quick enough. This did not just happen to us. After Emery got licked we were looking at other animals and 3 other people did too. As Hayley said, "The licker has now become the lickee."
Looking at the animals





The cow that wanted nothing to do with us
Right after the cow licked Emery. You can see her in the corner as Jeff is pulling her away


Emery and Dad. Doesn't she look huge?!

All in all it was a great day! We went home, ate lunch, took naps, and spent the rest of the day as a family. Things can't get much better than that!


  1. looks so fun! and she is getting huge! Henry turns 4 months next weekend and I just can't believe it.

  2. I love peaches!! And she looks SO cute!!!