Thursday, November 6, 2014

Schnepf Farms Extravaganza (part 1)

Just like last year, we took Emery to Schnepf Farms for their Pumpkin Festival. Jeff even took the day off since it was a muddy mess the week before when he had fall break. It was pretty much the same as last year but we still had a great time. This year was still pretty toasty so in some of the pictures you'll see us trying to get in the shade to stay slightly cooler. I was definitely missing the nice Utah fall weather and leaves that all of my friends had been posting pictures of but come January we'll be even. It was fun watching Emery enjoy things a bit more this year since she is older and more mobile. She is at such a fun age and stage of life and we are loving every minute.

Waiting for the Dog Show to start. Once again, she screamed and cried, terrified, once the dogs came out. Oh well, we tried. See us precariously placed in the sole section of shade? You do what you have to when it's 90+ degrees in October.

The one thing that we got to see this year that we missed last year was the BMX stunt show. It was pretty cool and Emery really enjoyed watching them do the tricks on their bikes and skateboard.

She didn't like the hay on her hands.
 Next, it was off to see the animals!
Saying hello to the GIGANTIC cow. This thing is seriously huge.

Hi Sheep! She wasn't quite sure about having the animals so close but warmed up pretty quickly. 

"Oooo"--looking at the cows

She spent the most time here with the cows

One of them shook its head to get the flies off and she wasn't sure how she felt about it for a minute.

"Hi Cow!"


This was her pose for the day, created all by herself

"Okay, Mom, enough pictures. I just want to go see the cows again."

Her face in this picture makes me laugh
Next came the goats...Jefferson took her inside the petting zoo portion full of goats. Let's just say, we'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Going in

Doing okay...

The goat "baaahhhh"-ed and she was not a fan

"Oh Dad, let's get out of here and go over THERE!"

Okay, maybe I'll give them another chance.

Nope! This is a great picture! Jeff is in heaven and Emery is terrified.

Emery's tell is having her hands in her mouth. She is obviously very nervous here but Dad is loving it. 

More to come on our visit to Schnepf Farms but I've apparently uploaded too many pictures for one blog post.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Baby Turtle Trick or Treat

We heard that phrase over and over again in anticipation of Halloween. Emery wanted to be a Baby Turtle this year thanks to her favorite movie. Dad made her the best turtle shell on the planet. For the trunk or treat the week before she was a bumblebee like last year. Now, Emery is normally a very shy girl around crowds but once she realized people were giving her candy she ran around and yelled Trick or Treat and said Dank You! She would slide her little cat bucket down her arm and hold it out! Once Halloween rolled around we thought she would be pumped about trick or treating again. She woke up at about 5:30 saying Halloween Baby Turtle Trick or Treat! I, sadly, had to tell her that we had to wait. She was so so so excited. Once we actually got to the Clarks and ate dinner and changed into her costume, she was a little concerned and unsure about what was going on. She loved wearing her shell and being a Baby Turtle but was a little unsure about what was going on. It was also pretty hot still and she didn't want to walk so we carried her up to the doors where she still said Trick or Treat and thank you. All in all it was a great Halloween, and she really did have a great time, despite what the pictures show. The pictures do make us laugh so hard though. 

Dad making the Turtle Shell. It looked great!

Trying it on for size
Actual Halloween Night

Not quite sure what is going on

This picture cracks me up! It's the best picture I could get of the two of them. Emery refused to turn around and look at the camera. 

Cutest Baby Turtle ever

All the cousins, minus the (other) Clarks

Favorite picture of the night! Having a great time!!