Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Summer Wrap Up...June

With fall just around the corner I figured it's about time for a summer recap. We had a great summer. Jefferson had 3 and 4-day work weeks and we took the extra time to be together as a family and have some fun.


Dad brought a dog home from work for Emery. She decided to give him a bath.

This girl truly loves broccoli. I can't even get it cut up fast enough most days.

Loving having Daddy home more over the summer. 

We went to a Rattlers' game (arena football). She was pretty pumped until we got in there. Then, it was a little lot too loud for her and has currently scarred her for life about sporting events. I'm confident she will get over it. In all fairness, it was really loud in there but lots of fun...maybe without a terrified toddler next time.

Emery helps Dad with the yardwork and pulling weeds. One day she went into the laundry room where Jeff's outside work shoes are, put them on, and started pretending to pull weeds. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "Being Dad!"

Our first carrots of the season. We didn't have the heart to thin out the cute little things so most of them were pretty small but delicious.

Getting ready to play outside.

Just hanging out waiting for new tires on the car.

Emery loves Minnie Mouse. She got two for Christmas so they are now Millie and Melody (Minnie's twin case any of you aren't up to date on your Minnie Mouse trivia).

Swimming lessons with Aunt Jennifer. This look is about how they went all week but she picked up more than you'd think. She still just uses her knowledge to teach the ducks how to swim in the bath tub. It's actually really cute..."I'm Jennifer and I will teach you swim lessons. Abba dabba dabba dabba..."

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Beach Pictures

For a 2 year old (and her mama and daddy) nothing is better than spending hours at the beach. I was a little surprised about how much she loved it since sometimes she's a little reserved when trying new things but she jumped right in and never looked back.

Our room was right on the water and there was a breaker wall so there were all these sea lions that would hang out right in front of the room. Emery's favorite part was watching all the boats. She was out there any time we were back at the hotel.

And with that, our first family beach vacation was over. Hopefully, not for long!