Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter 

With Lot of Love From
Jefferson, Jaclyn, and Emery

We have been having a great Easter that has actually turned into an entire Easter weekend filled with time spent with eachother and our family.

Friday, Jefferson had the day off so we got up and headed over the the Bishop's Storehouse where Jeff's parents are serving a mission. We got the grand tour and got to meet the people that we hear stories about. I didn't have our camera battery charged so we didn't get any pictures of them doing their thing but that just means we get to go down there again before they're done. Then they were nice enough to take us to Manuel's for lunch. We got home and, shortly after, headed over to Cauley and Jami's to watch some March Madness basketball games. They made dinner which was delicious and we all just hung out talking and watching the games.

Saturday, we got up and Jeff headed to the store to get the necessary supplies for the above photo shoot. I may have had a bit of a meltdown about it way too late the night before so he nicely got up, did the laundry and the dishes, and then headed out where he picked out a ton of cute eggs and easter grass. Emery and I stayed at home and stuck the cinammon rolls in just in time so that they were ready when dad got home. Since we have church at 9 we decided to eat out cinammon rolls on Saturday morning so we wouldn't feel so rushed. Then when Emery took her morning nap we got everything ready for the shoot. She woke up and was ready to go. We didn't get any smiles (of course she started grinning up a storm as soon as we were done) but she wasn't screaming so we consider that a success. Afterwards we headed over to the Arizona Grand where my family was staying for the weekend. We sat in the shade out by the pool, had lunch, and just chatted and relaxed. See those bunny ears in the pictures above? Those were in her easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa Moore. Jeff didn't know that I had put them on her so when I said "Hey Daddy!" and he turned around he thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Also, when Jeff asked me what sleeper I wanted to put her in, I said "The one that looks like it has easter eggs on it." He just kind of looked at me until I explained further so there's our little Easter Bunny.

Today (Sunday), we got up and got ready for church. The Easter Bunny came in the night and left us some treats and presents in our baskets. Emery was great at church but I took her home after sacrament meeting while Jeff stayed at church. We're easing Emery and ourselves into staying the entire time plus I'm still a little paranoid about it being the end of flu season. Then we're headed over to Jeff's parent's house where we'll be eating Easter dinner with them and Cauley and Jami's family.

Emery's Easter Basket

Our Easter Basket

Easter Outfit

Blessing Day!

 Sunday, March 24, 2013
Pegasus Ward, Queen Creek Stake
Cloud Building
(Emery was the first baby blessed in this brand new building)

The whole Moore/Clark gang
Grandma and Grandpa Moore
Grandma Laurie
3 Generations
Grandpa and Grandma Clark
Grandma Kathy
Emery was blessed by Jefferson. It was a beautiful day and we were so grateful to our family for coming to support and celebrate Emery with us!

9 Weeks Old

10 lbs. 12 oz
21.5 inches long
(yes that is shorter than last week but I don't think the nurse let her stretch out as far because that would mean she hadn't gotten any taller in an entire month.)
-Emery continues to gain weight/height at a 1 lb/1 in per month ratio so her little body shape has stayed pretty much the same even though she's getting bigger. She just grows perfectly proportionate. Way to go Em!

-One word can sum up Emery at 9 weeks...SHOTS! She went to the doctor for her two month check up and did great the vast majority of the visit. Unfortunately the doctor was pretty busy so we waited a little longer than usual. She laid on the table kicking and smiling and playing the entire wait time. That is, until she started being poked and prodded. Then things got a little dicey but still not too bad. After the doctor left it was time for the nurse to come in for the shots. She got 3 of them plus the polio one that they give by mouth. It was the saddest thing ever!! She was screaming and then even when I got her settled down she would start to fall asleep and then wimper. I gave her infant Tylenol which was great and she fell asleep in the car on the way home. Unfortunately the shots made her feel pretty lousy for the rest of the week and she cried nonstop from 5 or 6 until bedtime at 8:30 when she would finally get tired and fall asleep.

-Slept not quite as good during the first part of the night as usual but we will blame shots for that one. HOWEVER, remember how fussy she has been for the last month at night while she's still sleeping? Not anymore! Now when I put her down after her middle of the night feeding she doesn't fuss in her sleep anymore! I know it never bothered her because every time I looked over to check on her she was still perfectly content but Jeff and I didn't get a whole lot of sleep from it so we're very glad that has stopped.

-Continues to LOVE to lick things and even tries shoving her entire fist in her mouth all the time. I was very against letting her suck on her fingers like she wanted to in the hospital (hence the binky since you can take that away without cutting off a limb). We still don't let her suck on fingers but when she's just licking/kind of sucking the outside of her fist I think it's okay.

-Naps with a binky on the sofa or our bed most of naptime during the day but she's still pretty much a cat-napper. We'll try to get her on a schedule so that she can get better naps in instead of only 45 minutes or so.

-Not as many pictures this week due to the sadness of a baby not feeling well and screaming but here are a couple that actually sum up our week nicely. Walks and the bath with the magic blanket were the only things that even kind of helped her feel better and relax. She actually fell asleep while still wrapped in her towel and blanket every night after her bath so we'd let her lay like that for a few minutes before putting her pjs on and feeding her.

Emery was also blessed this week but look to the next post for pictures.

Monday, March 25, 2013

2 Months Old

Oh goodness, where does the time go?

-Spent more time with Great-Grandma Barb while she was in town and spent her second Sunday dinner with the Moore family.

-Spent a lot of fun time with daddy because he had Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off for Spring Break. We went on walks, had delicious pizza, played, laid in bed, and enjoyed spending time with one another.

-LAUGHED for the first time on March 15th. She was laughing at daddy and still has yet to laugh at mom. Most days when Jeff gets home from work, he says hello to her and she starts laughing. Every time she laughs she gets the hiccups. It must have something to do with messing up her breathing.

-Rolled over for the first time! Also on March 15th--that was a big day here at our house. For the last two or three weeks, Emery had been able to roll to her side but just couldn't make it over that shoulder. Friday morning we were all laying in bed and (with a little bit of help from gravity) Emery rolled over onto her stomach. We let her lay there for just a second to see what she would do but I think she was in shock so we rolled her back over and laughed at the drool spot on Jeff's side of the bed. She looked at us like she was saying "that was so hard!" She has since rolled over 3 other times with the help of gravity or if she can push off of something with her feet. I didn't want to miss it by running to get the camera so these were taken right after.

Notice the drool spots?

"That was SO hard!"
-Still loves the mornings and we hang out in her room and play until it's time to get clothes on and then it's already almost time for a nap. I usually let her just kick after I change her diaper. We think that she has learned that if she pees when I'm changing her diaper, I take her sleeper off and usually just let her hang out in her diaper until it's time to get dressed.

-We also took our first trip to Glendale with just Emery and mom to visit. She did great on the car ride over. Then she hung out and Grandpa took her on a walk. On the way home there was tons of traffic and about 30 minutes from home she started screaming. I pulled off the freeway into a shopping center parking lot and when I looked in her seat she had pooped everywhere! I had to take her out and clean her up in the car. Instead of putting clothes back on her I just let her ride home in a diaper and put a burp cloth between her and the car seat straps so that they didn't rub against her. Can you tell I'm a fan of just letting her hang out in her diaper?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

7 Weeks Old

7 Weeks Old

I cannot even believe that our cute girl is already 7 weeks old!

-Still loving the sound of her voice and yells and squeals to hear what it sounds like. She does it more and more every day and it is so cute to see her little personality really starting to shine through.

-Has become quite the morning girl. We wake up between 6:30-7am right when Jeff is getting ready and leaving for work so she has been able to see Daddy before he leaves. A couple of the mornings she was still asleep so she just got a kiss blown in her direction. Then we lay in bed and play until she decides that she is hungry so she eats and gets a diaper change. She loves both of her changing tables because they are by windows and she loves windows. Some mornings she will just lay on the changing table and stretch and kick and make noise for almost an hour. Mornings are when she's most smiley too.

-Woke up between 4-5am for the first night feeding 4 of the 7 nights this week so we're hoping that this is a pattern.

-Since it has been a little warmer, I usually let her play in just her diaper after her first nap and before we put clothes on for the day and she just loves kicking her little legs without anything interfering.

-Pulled her hair REALLY hard and would not let go. Jeff kept saying "let go!" because he couldn't get her little fist to uncleanch. This was the first time that we had heard her "this hurts" cry and it was so sad. She hasn't pulled her hair again though.

-Met Great-Grandma Barb who is down from Iowa. It is so fun having her down for two whole weeks!

-Had our first outing with just the two of us to Target where we got some cute clothes for spring and the cutest little jean leggings. Emery hates real jeans so these are perfect for her!

-Has started to really like licking things.

-Partied with the Clark family on Friday night and Saturday afternoon for the first Clark Family Reunion. This was her first time with the whole family together including all of the cousins. She even got to come to the Adults Only party on Friday night!