Sunday, March 10, 2013

6 Weeks Old

6 Weeks Old

-Went on an outing to Iceberg and Sonic with the Clarks and did great the whole time!

-Hair kept steadily falling out. I didn't think she had lost much from the sides or back until I looked in her bassinet and little sleep chair and saw tons of little baby hair. She just has so much hair that even after losing that much from the back and sides she has a lot left.

-Discovered and loves the swing. She usually falls asleep after being in there any longer than 10 minutes but even when she's awake she loves it so it has become a great help and Jeff and I have gotten to actually eat dinner together 4 or 5 nights this week while Emery is in the swing by the kitchen table. She doesn't like to be in the family room when we are in the kitchen even though it is only separated by a couch. She just likes being part of the action.

-Slept until 4:45 and 4:15am two nights in a row (3/1 and 3/2). She still fusses in her sleep from when I put her down after eating until she gets up in the morning but fussing from 5:15-6:15 is much better than from 3:45 on. We still can't really figure it out other than a little gas but mostly she probably just isn't quite tired enough to fall back into a deep sleep again. I keep reading that this is pretty common for babies between 5-7/8 weeks so we'll see.

-Friday night, Emery found her little voice and started yelling at the toys hanging on her play mat. Saturday morning when she woke up she started making cute little high noises and still loves yelling just to hear her sweet voice.

Our little Love Bug.

Aunt Hayley spent the night and is demonstrating Emery's favorite way to sleep--totally sprawled out on your chest.

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