Monday, March 25, 2013

2 Months Old

Oh goodness, where does the time go?

-Spent more time with Great-Grandma Barb while she was in town and spent her second Sunday dinner with the Moore family.

-Spent a lot of fun time with daddy because he had Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off for Spring Break. We went on walks, had delicious pizza, played, laid in bed, and enjoyed spending time with one another.

-LAUGHED for the first time on March 15th. She was laughing at daddy and still has yet to laugh at mom. Most days when Jeff gets home from work, he says hello to her and she starts laughing. Every time she laughs she gets the hiccups. It must have something to do with messing up her breathing.

-Rolled over for the first time! Also on March 15th--that was a big day here at our house. For the last two or three weeks, Emery had been able to roll to her side but just couldn't make it over that shoulder. Friday morning we were all laying in bed and (with a little bit of help from gravity) Emery rolled over onto her stomach. We let her lay there for just a second to see what she would do but I think she was in shock so we rolled her back over and laughed at the drool spot on Jeff's side of the bed. She looked at us like she was saying "that was so hard!" She has since rolled over 3 other times with the help of gravity or if she can push off of something with her feet. I didn't want to miss it by running to get the camera so these were taken right after.

Notice the drool spots?

"That was SO hard!"
-Still loves the mornings and we hang out in her room and play until it's time to get clothes on and then it's already almost time for a nap. I usually let her just kick after I change her diaper. We think that she has learned that if she pees when I'm changing her diaper, I take her sleeper off and usually just let her hang out in her diaper until it's time to get dressed.

-We also took our first trip to Glendale with just Emery and mom to visit. She did great on the car ride over. Then she hung out and Grandpa took her on a walk. On the way home there was tons of traffic and about 30 minutes from home she started screaming. I pulled off the freeway into a shopping center parking lot and when I looked in her seat she had pooped everywhere! I had to take her out and clean her up in the car. Instead of putting clothes back on her I just let her ride home in a diaper and put a burp cloth between her and the car seat straps so that they didn't rub against her. Can you tell I'm a fan of just letting her hang out in her diaper?

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