Monday, March 4, 2013

5 Weeks Old

-Still loves to be swaddled whenever she sleeps no matter if it's a nap or at bedtime. If we don't get a good swaddle then we probably won't have a good night.

-Discovered the "Magic Pillow." Jeff usually holds her on the Magic Pillow and she loves it. Even when Jeff isn't home the Magic Pillow seems to calm her down.

-Went on her first walk with Mom and Dad. She loved it except when the wind picked up. She didn't like that very much so we covered her once it got windy.

-Hair is starting to fall out in the front and Jeff keeps telling her that they're matching now. It doesn't help that she pulls her hair either since sometimes she ends up with a few strands afterwards. The back and sides are still nice and full though.

-Still fussy at night and we're trying to figure out how to get her to sleep more soundly and figure out what's bothering her so much.

She wanted to lay like this all day one day.

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