Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jefferson's Birthday

Jefferson turned 28 on April 28th so we were excited to celebrate with him. He is such a great husband and father and Emery and I are so lucky to be a part of his family. Since his birthday was on a Sunday we had to do things a little differently than normal.

While Jeff was at a church meeting on Saturday afternoon we made his dirt cake birthday dessert. I've made it for him every year that we've been married on his birthday. It's delicious! He also has pizza on his birthday every year so we got two and ate some on Saturday night and had leftovers for Sunday birthday pizza. While going to pick it up (Jeff was still at his meeting), Emery started screaming and when we pulled into the parking lot I jumped in the back seat just in time to see her throw up all over everything. She must have had a little burp and the car just made her tummy upset. We changed her clothes and put a burp cloth behind her in the car seat and ran inside to get the pizza. Luckily the girl was nice enough to carry our pizzas out while I had Emery. When I walked into the door, Jeff had to wait for a few minutes to eat pizza while he helped me clean everything up.

Sunday, we got up and went to church. Then we came home and ate our birthday pizza and more birthday dessert. We hung out, rested, and opened presents. Later in the afternoon we headed over to Cauley and Jami's house for a joint birthday party where he got to celebrate his birthday with his whole family. This is the first birthday he's been home for since we were married so that was fun!

He also got a whole lot of Emery cuddle time...
"Daddy, you are so funny!"

"Excuse me mom, Dad and I are playing."


Talking to Dad

It must have been a good story.
I just love these pictures of the two of them playing, chatting, and loving each other. Every girl needs a dad and Emery is lucky to have a great one!

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