Wednesday, May 8, 2013

3 Months Old

3 Months Old
April 14, 2013
12 pounds
24 inches
Oh Emery girl, we cannot even believe that you are 3 months old already! What a little cutie you are and you bring so much joy into our lives. Here's what you've been up to:
-First off, yes, I know that you're supposed to put those stickers on a onesie. This girl likes to be in just a diaper so we improvised that day. Here's to maybe getting the 4 month pictures in a onesie with the sticker. If not, oh well. We think she's cutest like this anyway.
-As always, the laugh gets cuter and louder and more filled with slober with each passing week and we love that our house is already beginning to be filled with little laughter. It makes me so happy when Jeff gets home from work and plays with Emery while I make dinner and I can hear them laughing from the family room. Moments like those are what I always pictured when I thought about being a wife and a mom.
-Getting so much better with your hands this week. You've been great at grabbing things for a while but now you like grabbing them and trying to eat them. You'll be playing on your mat with your friends and I will hear little noises of frustration only to find that you have the little elephant or lion in your hands but they are too far away to eat.
-You are still a little cat-napper. I don't know how I am ever going to get anything done but I cherish the moments that we snuggle together on the couch just to get you to finish napping so that you aren't so cranky.
-Manerisms are becoming more noticeable and defined. The other day Jeff said "I don't know if she's picking up on my manerisms or if I am picking up on hers." How true that is. She likes raising her eyebrows and giving suspicious looks at us out of the corner of her eye like she is saying "I'm still not too sure about you two."
-Started making this squished up face where she pushed her little arms up under her chin and puckered her lips. At first I thought she was doing it because it was windy outside but then she started doing it all the time.
-Had a bad mom of the year moment. I had already given Emery her bath for the day and then she pooped out of her diaper everywhere so I got only slightly warm water and poured it over her little buns. It must have been a little too warm because she just screamed (even though it's not as warm as her bath water so maybe it just scared her). I got worried to I let her lay on a cool, wet cloth diaper and a towel on my lap while she napped in the afternoon. Her little buns weren't red or anything but it made me feel awful.
"I'm not too sure about you two."

Her favorite outfit. Just a diaper and a bow.

The squished up face.
Playing after the bad mom incident.

The cutest face in the world. We send pictures like this to Daddy every day.

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