Tuesday, April 16, 2013

10 Weeks Old

-DROOL. Man, this little girl loves drooling. When she smiles she drools. When she eats she drools. When cuddling with mom and dad she drools. And oh man when she starts laughing, does she ever drool.

-Laughing. Before, this girl would laugh or kind of snort. While walking through Walmart the other day, however, I looked at her and said "boo" and she laughed and giggled. She still gets the hiccups every single time that she laughs so hopefully she will eventually realize that she has to breathe while laughing. It's a work in progress.

-Has started to play more with us and her toys. Now she lays under her play mat and bats at her toys. She also enjoys her little cow toy that Jefferson bought her before she was born. It's her favorite and can get her to smile faster than almost anything.

-Grabs things with her feet. Yes, this could be included with the bullet above but deserves its own mention. Ever since Emery was born Jeff has played with her little toes. He gets her to grab his fingers with her toes and feet. Now she likes grabbing things with her feet instead of her hands. It is so cute! Now we need to work more with her hands so that she doesn't constantly go around grabbing everything with her feet.

-Licking. I believe this has been going on the last two weeks but man oh man is she a little licker. She licks her hands, her toys, my shoulder, anyone who's holder her. It's so adorable. Sometimes when she smiles or laughs she sticks her tongue out SO far.

-Really likes being read to. We spend part of our morning and afternoons laying in bed reading books about Farm Babies, Barnyard Dances, and giving a Moose a Muffin.

-Most of the pictures of Emery at 10 weeks were taken on Easter weekend which already had its own post.

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