Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3 Weeks Old

-First week home with Jefferson at work all week and Emery and mom at home alone together. It was nice because we were able to get into a rhythm and as much of a schedule as a 3 week old can have.

-Sleeps in the bassinet at naptime (success) and hasn't had any problem while sleeping with the throwing up issue. Now it only happens when she overeats and has happened way less this week than any other. We'll try moving the bassinet up to our room for sleeping probably next week so that I don't have to get her in and out of such a low sleeper.

-Still sleeps great at night with the same schedule that she's had since pretty much day one out of the hospital. She's usually awake and wants to play in the mornings, naps all afternoon, and wakes back up around 5 where she stays awake until bedtime around 9.

-When she's awake in the mornings we read books, sing songs, have tummy time, lay under the play thing, and have talks about whatever I can think of. She loves looking at the fan/light and at blinds when they're closed and the light is coming through the slats. She also really loves laying on her changing pad and looking out the window into the backyard. Sometimes I worry about her being bored but she always seems pretty content and cries when we've been doing the same thing for too long so I don't think she gets bored too often. When I do think she's getting bored we make things for Dad to eat when he gets home.

-When she's awake at night she usually plays with Daddy since she's just barely waking up when he leaves for work in the morning.

-Had her first real bath and loved it! She loved the warm water and could have probably stayed in there forever which is good because she pooped all over her towel as soon as we took her out so back in the bath she went. At least it didn't waste a diaper and outfit.

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