Thursday, February 7, 2013

2 Weeks Old

Miss Emery at 2 Weeks Old (Jan. 28, 2013)
pictures taken Jan. 29 by Aunt Stephanie

And my 2 absolute favorites...


Yes I know there are pictures but they are my 2 favorite shots and I just can't decide which lighting I like the best.
2 week updates:
-Still have all of the dark brown hair and we can't believe how long it is. This is not typical baby hair that is more like fuzz. She has actual hair so we'll see how the whole falling out thing goes. Mom is hoping it just stays like it is.
-Still have gorgeous big blue eyes without a hint of changing so we're thinking she'll end up with blue or green eyes.
-Still eats and sleeps like a champ. I am so spoiled that when her nighttime sleep schedule gets off I think 'what is going on' and then remember that most 2 week olds don't sleep for 5 hours at a time at night and I remember how lucky I am.
-Doesn't sleep in the bassinet or pack 'n play. Only in the boucy seat or glider so that she can be reclined. She still spits up a while after eating even when she's had good burps and is sound asleep. Every once in a while she still vomits (which I have been told is not really vomit just LOTS of spit up) so I am fine keeping her sleeping in the glider at night so I don't have to worry about her chocking in the middle of the night but I'll start to try to get her taking naps on a flatter surface otherwise we'll never get her in her crib.
-Loves when dad comes home from work and plays with her. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE her hair! I hope our little boy has some hair, too. She's darling, Jac!

  2. So cute! Tommy had to sleep reclined too. He had slight reflux. So he LOVED his car seat. But eventually he transitioned into the crib around 4 mos. :) They have special baby wedge things you can put in there to keep them inclined a little bit in the crib. I can't remember the name, but it even has side panels so they can sleep in your bed with you safely.

  3. Thanks Keri! I'll have to look into that. Let us know if you guys ever head down this way to visit and we'll have to get together!