Tuesday, August 12, 2014

18 Months Old

I can't believe Emery is already 18 months old. A year and a half. Crazy! Life with an 18 month old is crazy, fun, hilarious, exhausting, and full of love. Emery loves talking and is such a good talker. She says so many words that I have officially lost track and is starting to string words together like "Emery baby" or, her favorite, "One more chocolate." She has to have her purse with her keys and phone just like mom whenever we go anywhere. Lately, she has also needed to bring her baby with as well and she sits next to Emery in the cart.

18 Month Stats
(August 12, 2014-really almost 19 months)
32 1/4 inches
21 lbs 14oz
13 teeth
Still a long and lean girl.
Before church on her first day of nursery. Nursery isn't going too well for this little one. Last week she stayed in there the third hour all by herself and they said she only cried a little bit but she has been so clingy to me for the last week and a half since. When I took her in and stayed with her this past Sunday she cried with me sitting there playing with her. 1 o'clock church does not help since that's naptime but she'll get almost a whole extra year in nursery since she misses going to primary by 2 weeks so it's okay if it takes her a little longer to acclimate. 

Emery's little buns just fall out of her diaper every once in a while and it is definitely picture worthy.

Emery is the best cleaning helper in the world. She helps me vacuum, mop, wipe things off, and other chores. It may take longer than doing it myself but it sure is fun and filled with love.

Remember how I said that one of her favorite phrases is "One more chocolate"? Here is Emery eating her chocolate donut.

After church a couple weeks ago. Nothing special other than the fact that she was looking oh so cute!

Hmmm what should I eat??
 Emery has been loving on her baby the last couple days. Baby fell off of the stairs and she picked her up, hugged her, and said "(It's)Okay baby!"

Life with an 18 month old is just so fun!

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