Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Comings and Goings of the Clarks

UGH people! I was just in the middle of the most epic update for you guys and my computer cord had apparently become unplugged from my computer and it died! This raises so many questions.

Why is my computer battery so awful? Answer: Probably because I let it die way too often.
 Why does Blogger not have the feature like Gmail where it saves my posts as drafts every 5 seconds? Answer: No idea.

Where has the time gone? Answer:

~Student Teaching-- I cannot believe that I will be done with my student teaching so soon! It has been great/frustrating/exciting/exhausting/fun/full of laughs. I will miss my students a lot, even the one who argues with me just for the sake of arguing, the one who cannot stay in his desk for more that 3 minutes for the life of him, and all of third period PE. I will especially miss the intention and unintentional debates that we have because they feel like can actually say what their opinion is. I (most days) will miss when they come into my room during lunch because it is warm and the days in the middle of November that we opened all of the windows and plugged in the fans because the classroom was 800 degrees. I will not miss the majority of third period PE and their inability to stay on the same team or listen in general but even they have their own moments of being endearing.

~Work-- Can you say holiday season and Black Friday? We can and Jeff has been working so hard to get the store ready for Black Friday and everything else. He even pulled an all-nighter last week. Luckily, once BF is over it seems like it will get a little better. The employees that are on his team all really like him and tell me every time that I come into the store how glad they are to be on his team.

~Family-- Jeff's parents came up a couple of weekends ago and it was so fun to see them and catch up. We did a ton of talking and went up to Riverton to can apples and applesauce. We are so glad that they came up to stay with us for the weekend!

~Scouts-- We are over the 8 year old scouts in the ward and they are hilarious! It's fun to have a calling together and they all think Jeff is the coolest person they have ever seen.

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