Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We are so lucky to live so close to our entire family. They all came down to visit us and bring Jefferson (and myself) food from the outside world. We even had a day where Ryan brought Jeff lunch from Culver's and Stephanie brought him a shake from that very same place. We were also treated to Filabertos, Dairy Queen, and Taco Bell. My brothers and dad also brought him some much needed Advil after some long days and longer nights.

Jefferson with his parents right after Emery was born. Both sets of parents were there all day with us and were so excited to meet Emery!

Aunt Stephanie

Grandpa. aka the baby hog

Aunt Hayley
Emery loves her Grandpa

Aunt Jennifer

Cousin Ashley
 Her headband was giving her a hard time but she didn't seem to mind.

Cousin Tye
Uncle Cauley
He brought Jeff some real food and happened to have hit picture taken mid-bite

Uncle Ryan and Uncle Garrett

Aunt Hayley part 2

Both of our moms were a huge help at the hospital and once we got home yet we need pictures of them with Emery still so stay tuned...

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