Friday, December 12, 2014

Phoenix Temple Open House

October was a busy month around here but at least it was busy with fun things! We were so excited to see the Phoenix Temple finished and be able to tour it before it was dedicated. It is such a beautiful temple and it will be such a blessing to everyone in the area. It is so exciting that the temple is in the stake that I grew up in. We got to go with my family and Jeff's parents and Emery was in heaven. She loves to sing I Love to See the Temple and can sing almost the entire first verse by herself. She was so excited to see the temple up close and personal. We've driven by the Gilbert one plenty of times but she's never been able to walk around the grounds and I'm sure she doesn't remember when we went through the Gilbert Open House earlier this year. Enjoy the pictures from this fun day!


  1. That is a beautiful picture of the temple! Did you take it? Also-I love the yellow skirt. So fun and bright!

  2. I wish I took it but, no, I stole it from the LDS Temples website. :)