Thursday, May 28, 2015

While Emery Wasn't Napping

Oh you all know those days...or maybe you're lucky and you don't...the days where your 2 year old refuses to nap. After a half an hour of laying in her bed on Tuesday, I got Emery out and thought, "what on earth are we going to do and how are we going to stay sane?" Then came the Super Emery cape. I had seen multiple versions of making your own super hero cape on Pinterest and had looked at the dollar store to see if they already had one. Em has been pretending to be Super Emery lately. Up until now we had just been horribly tying a blanket around her that fell off while she was zooming off to "save the day." Tuesday I decided that that would change. I pulled out one of my shirts that bleach had splashed on and some green felt. 5 minutes later, Super Emery had a super cape and I was enjoying a happy girl again.

Oh yeah, here's what was happening around 2:15 when she should have been napping but I was being a nice mom and letting her have a couple more minutes...that turned into all afternoon.She looks tired, doesn't she?

Now she can zoom off and save the day whenever she wants. She particularly likes to have us pretend to be falling off the couch so she can yell "Don't Worry!" and save the day.

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