Tuesday, May 13, 2014

April in Pictures Part 2

...more pictures for you to enjoy...

Emery's first playdate with our friend Brigham. Everything went great until he tried grabbing her baby. She screamed at him and baby had to go up for the rest of the time he was here. She's very protective of baby. We hope to have Brigham over to play again soon!

This picture doesn't look like it but Emery had her first real time being sick at the beginning of April. She threw up once Thursday night all over her bed so we had our first experience of bathing a baby, changing the sheets, and getting her back to sleep at midnight. Friday she didn't eat much and then threw up again. Saturday she slept all day and didn't eat anything. Luckily she was still drinking fluid but we were getting a little worried. Sunday she still slept most of the day but was doing better. By Monday she was herself again and had 4 new molars so we think that was the problem.
A few minutes of being happy and alert on Saturday.

I love the drool running down her face.

She spent almost the entire weekend like this, either sleeping on the floor, sofa, in her bed, or on mom and dad.

Emery does not like giving people privacy while going to the bathroom. She thinks it's the most devastating thing ever!

It is pretty cute though.
 With all the nice weather we had a lot of picnics in the grass or at the park. Chicken nuggets, corn, and watermelon followed by running around. We now have a sun-kissed baby and it is so cute!

Emery plays hard which occasionally leads to crashing hard. Sleeping baby pictures are the best!

Playing with her babies in the laundry basket. The smile is to die for!

We have been so lucky that the library close by has BabyTime. We sing songs, dance, read stories, and play with about 15 other moms and babies. Emery absolutely loves it and will even sing along and do the motions. I am always shocked at how fast she soaks things up and remembers things. We look forward to it every Monday morning. Unfortunately, BabyTime does not go on during the summer so the last one until fall was outside. They had snacks and Emery had a great time playing outside. They also gave all the kids a shovel, rake, and bucket for the sand and a little Easter egg. We are so sad that we now have to find something else to do on Monday mornings.

Jeff's birthday was at the end of April. Emery and I practiced singing him Happy Birthday. It is adorable! She will still sing it to him and if you try singing any name besides Dada she corrects you! She is lucky to have such a great dad!

Proof of that...Emery waits outside for Jeff every day when it's time for him to come home from work. During the day she will look out the window to the front yard waiting for him. She asks "Dada?" every time a car drives by.

We love this little girl and can't believe how big she is getting! Her 15 month check stats: 19lbs 6oz, 31.5in. She's a tall lean girl. The doctor asked me if she eats well. Let me tell you--this little girl eats all day long. She loves to eat. Her favorites include: chicken nuggets, yogurt, vegetables, watermelon, strawberries, rice, bread, pasta, and all dessert foods. April is the month that she really took off walking. Once that happened she started really playing hard. She LOVES being outside and now that she can walk around we're out there all day long some days. She says "keys!" or "shoes!" when she wants to go outside and will stick her little finger between the door and the door frame and man, does she throw a fit when you tell her that we cannot go outside. When we ask her things, instead of saying "No" (which I'm glad she doesn't say), she shakes her head either with furrowed brow or smile depending on how serious it is. Another funny thing that happened...Emery knows she is not supposed to eat on the carpet in the family room but that she can eat on the tile next to it. She constantly tries to push those boundaries so she walked onto the carpet with her snack and shook her head no when we told her to stand on the tile. Then I told her to give her snacks to Dad (who was sitting on the carpet). She walked over and gave it to him and the said, "Dada" and pointed to the tile. Hilarious! She enjoys telling on Dad by saying "Mama" and pointing at him.

Here's a list of her words:
Mama, Dada, Baby, Biby (sounds like baby but means binky), ba (bath), Wawa (water), Soos (shoes), Kees (keys), May (mail), Bi (bib), Yoyur (yogurt), Nunu (nugget), Eyes, Eahs (ears), Tees (teeth), Wah? (what), Hiiiyahh! (hi yah--said when throwing things)

She is constantly growing and we are so happy that she is such a healthy, happy girl!

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  1. AHHH!!! She is getting so big! I can't believe that she is growing up without us. I think that means we need to see you when we are down there in July. For sure.