Tuesday, May 13, 2014

April in Pictures Part 1

April brought with it lots of busy, happy, crazy fun.

Emery loves to help me. I always say that she is my helper girl. This is just one example of helping mom make brownies. Maybe she realizes that one of the perks of helping mom is that she usually gets a sample of what we're making before everyone else. One of her favorite things to do is stir.

Water painting on the back patio. Keeps you cool, occupied, and mess-free. Can't beat that.

The fan in our family room has never really worked so before the summer temperatures show up Jeff and his little helper put up a new fan.

Enjoying the breeze coming through the window. I wish we could have caught it on video because her hair was blowing all over the place and she thought it was great.

The town put on a Passport to Discovery with games, rides, music, food, and fun! Emery was too little for most of it but she did join in on the Easter egg hunt. She got one egg and 3 balls. She really wasn't sure what was going on or what she was supposed to be doing but she had a good time running around.

They had animal hats so we chose the cow. I think this picture is hilarious! So cute!

They also had shows. This was after the balloon show while we were waiting for the Firefly concert to start. Emery's first concert!

Sharing snacks with Graham

This girl loves music and dancing. I love her smile of pure joy here.
The first part of April was so fun. We loved the great temperatures and the fun activities that we were able to be a part of. This is when Arizona living is perfect!


  1. So cute! I love that little helper girl of yours!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love those curls.