Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Emery took her first steps on February 22nd. 4 of them to be exact! She has been standing up on her own forever and when we were all sitting on the floor watching a movie she stood up and took 4 steps! This was, of course, followed with lots of clapping and cheering. After that, she didn't care about walking at all and continued to crawl everywhere. She loved pushing her lion and baby stroller around and was always walking while holding onto the couch.

 Then, a few weeks later, she actually let me hold her hand and walk with her. She hates having her hands restricted so this was a real treat.
March 10, 2014

Then, on Sunday (March 16) she was really wanting to walk with me and push her baby stroller and things and she just started walking. She started out doing it mostly when she was holding her book or her baby but now she'll do it on her own. It's still about 50/50 on whether she'll walk or crawl but we're getting there! We were all downstairs right before church and Jeff and I turn around and she's got her shoes on, skirt on, headband on, holding her baby and walking. She looked like such a big girl! It's those momentsthat I feel like I will remember forever and when I feel like time has passed so quickly. I can't be sad about it though because she is at such a fun stage.

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