Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Aviation Days

A couple of weeks ago, the small airport/base by us had Aviation Days. They had old fighter planes, helicopters, and anawesome bomber. We stayed and watched the flyover which was amazing! Watching the bomber fly over was like going back in time. You would think that we would have remembered to put on sunscreen but Jeff had a hat, I had sunglasses, and Emery was in the stroller so by the end we all ended up a little pink. I will say, it's pretty cute having a little sunkissed baby.
Emery and Dad. Not my best picture. It was so bright that I couldn't really see and obviously should have had them at a different angle.

One of Jeff's favorites.

Another favorite.

Emery in her "eyes" (sunglasses).

In front of the bomber.

Jeff with the airplane taking off behind him.

Mike and Kathy were there so we took their picture in front of the type of plane that Mike's dad flew in the war.

Us in front of the plane.

Getting ready to take off.
It was a fun day of enjoying fresh air and history.

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