Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lovin' Life Outside

While we may have crazy hot summers, the spring sure is nice. Lucky us since our Emery girl is an outside girl if I've ever seen one. She loves going on walks, checking on the backyard with dad, and we're trying to get her to love the park. She currently hates the slide and swing, and just recently started putting up with grass (soft variety only).

Touching the rock but not the grass.

Dad! It touched my hand!

Not too sure about what's about the happen.

Was that supposed to be fun?

Because it wasn't!!!

Curly slides are really not the best option for any parent.

Waiting to go outside.

Apparently I am taking too long.

Happy girl eating her lunch in the backyard.

Best idea ever!
We'll be enjoying this nice weather for as long as we can and then when it gets hot we'll start using our baby pool and sprinklers. Pretty easy fix to keep this one happy.

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  1. Henry's the same way--he LOVES to be outside. He cried and cried on swings for a while, but now he likes it--but he LOVES slides! He tries to climb up them, which freaks me out....nice that you guys can eat outside! I can't wait to have a back yard!!