Tuesday, June 17, 2014

May in Pictures

Things have started getting busy around here as Emery continues to get busier and busier. Our days are spent playing, eating, making messes, and occasionally sleeping. Here's what we were up to in May. Emery was 15-16 months old.

This is Emery's first ponytail. I had been waiting to put one in her hair because I didn't have any of the little hair ties and because I just thought it would make her look like such a big girl. It does make her look bigger but her ponytails are oh so cute! She cries when I'm putting them in but as soon as we're done she's running off to play again.
As soon as I get the camera out she runs up to me and tries to grab it. Therefore, most pictures are very up close.

Silly girl!
We had our first swim of the year this month. We headed to the Basha pool with a few friends. Emery wasn't too sure about it. They only had the zero entry section open and sometimes she liked splashing around and sometimes she just wanted me to hold her. We have been swimming a few times since and she has liked it better. She likes it when there's a big step or side of the pool that is shallow enough that she can run around in it. I only have pictures of Emery in her little coverup so I'll have to get some in her actual swimsuit.

Mother's Day. I am so lucky to have this little girl to call mine. She's such a great helper and she might be clingy but I secretly love it (most of the time). I know she won't want to cling to me forever so I'm okay with her hanging on for now.
She had just gotten out of the bath and her hair dried in little horns on top before we could brush it...cute!

Emery discovered coloring this month and loves it. It is so cute to watch her color pictures. She even made one for Dad for his birthday. Yes, we framed it. How could we not? She is still only allowed to color in her high chair because we're still working on the 'we only color on paper' concept and the tray washes off easily.

My uncle Todd came to visit. He lives in Taiwan and because I was living in Utah the last few times he's visited, we haven't seen each other in 6 years! It was great catching up with him and Emery getting to meet him. He was feeding her chips so I think they'll be friends for life.

Memorial Day. Emery loves this skirt and has become a girl who loves accessories. That day she had on her skirt, bunny ears, necklace, and 'watch' (my hairtie). I just love her personality and her goofy little quirks.

I tried getting her to smile by telling her to show me her teeth. This is what I got--even cuter than what I was going for.

Jeff's ankle was swollen and hurting one night so I got an ice pack for him to put on it. Emery had to have one too and sat by Dad while they iced their ankles.


  1. What a big girl! Henry discovered his Belly Button yesterday and has been kind of obsessed with it. Lol--I have to keep reassuring him that it's supposed to be there. :)