Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July in Prescott

We spent the weekend of the 4th in Prescott. It is so beautiful there and so much cooler! It rains every afternoon and as we were driving in we hit a rainstorm and the car said 69. It was mostly high 70s/low 80s the whole weekend and we had the windows open. Prescott had it's magic again this year for Emery who slept so much better in that cool air. Aunt Gerry's house sits on top of the hill and overlooks is one of the most beautiful views anywhere.

We made it to Prescott in great time and decided to let Emery run around the park that Jeff and his cousins used to play at when they would come up. Noted: there are more homeless people that reside at this park than before so we will choose a different park in the future. Emery still had fun running around and being out of the car.

She loves the slide and we love that smile!


Dad had to help a little since the little kid slide was in the sun and hot and this one was a little too high and steep for her to do on her own.

Swinging...this is the first time she's really liked it.

They had these little motorcycles to sit on.
The next morning we went down to the square to walk around and look at all the art. Jeff treated us to fry bread for lunch and Emery loved eating the bread and her 'chippy chippy chips." Emery loves her skirt so we had to wear it for the 4th of course.
Trying to sneak some of my fry bread. I love her little face!

Sitting on the step and eating lunch

She looks like such a little kid instead of a baby.

Sometimes Emery attacks the camera once she notices pictures are being taken so we flip the screen so that she can see and we just have to try to aim right. This one was a little off but I still love her face. It's what she does when you tell her to smile.

This is my favorite picture of the entire trip and might be my favorite picture ever. Jeff just captured her little self so perfectly in this one.

Trying to help me put the lens cap on.
 Next up was the parade. We got there early and got great seats on the corner. It's always amazing how people get there late, stand in front of you, and then act shocked when you ask them to move. Emery loved the parade. She loved watching the horses and trucks and everything else. Next time we might go to the Kiddie Parade..we hear they throw more candy. Most of the pictures only get the side of her face because I was trying to be secretive about it so that she didn't notice.
Eating her chips and watching the parade.

Looking at the horses

She was having so much fun!



Stopping for a chip

I don't remember what she was pointing at but she was obviously loving it.

Dad was trying to fan her off

Sitting in her stroller. Sidenote: this is the most amazing umbrella stroller I have ever seen and Walmart had it for $28. I was super picky about wanting a canopy and basket and this one has the option to roll the back part up and just have the mesh behind their back so that it breathes better.
About 15 minutes before the parade ended it got cloudy and we felt a few raindrops but not too many so we packed things up just in case we needed to make a quick get away. Luckily we did because about 5 minutes later the skies opened up and it poured! We were soaked by the time we got to the car! It was kind of fun since we rarely get rain like that by us.

Prescott's 4th of July didn't disappoint and we had a great break from reality while seeing family and spending a lot of time outside.

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