Friday, October 17, 2014

Finishing Out September

September was so full of fun. This year was even more fun with Emery at the age where everything is loud and crazy and funny.

I was completely spoiled for my birthday this year. Jeff took the Friday before my birthday off and we spent the whole day (weekend) together shopping, going out to eat, etc. Then on Monday my parents met me and Emery for lunch. Later that night, Jeff and Emery humored me by driving around to all the places that give out free food on your birthday. What troopers!

Emery LOVES stickers! She always sees my piano stickers and begs to play with them, especially after I've taught lessons that day. I figure it's a cheap, mess-free way to keep her having fun. Jeff often finds little love reminders from Emery with her stickers stuck to the bottom of his shoes at work.

Emery is really into her babies and brown bear. She had them lined up in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner and was sitting by them playing. She has also started being such a little Mama, saying "I gotcha" while she's holding baby. I tell her that when she thinks she's falling and she's passing it along.

She loves wearing Dad's shirt. She thinks it's the greatest thing in the world and it makes her so happy!

She also loves, loves, loves helping Dad out in the yard. She was helping him make sure that the gophers were gone, hence the hole digging. Good news, we are fairly certain that all gophers have vacated the premises.

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