Wednesday, March 4, 2015

December (non-Christmas) 2014

Here's what we were up to (not including Christmas) in December. We had lots of fun days with Emery and continue to love this fun stage that she's in. I don't see her slowing down any time soon so maybe I should stop calling it a stage and just call it life.

Emery had her first go at painting at her Halloween party and had been begging me to paint so on a cold, rainy morning we made clay stars that you bake and then had a fun day/week of painting them. 

She was so proud of her stars!

What is December without a candy cane or two. I thought she would think it was too spicy but she seemed just fine.

Her Christmas jammies to celebrate the season along with her cute face.

Don't be confused by the outfit. Emery loves her Halloween shirt so we wear it frequently. She got bubbles for Christmas and loves chasing them.

Emery got playdough for Christmas so Dad taught her all about rolling them into snakes. They had a great time.

Playing the piano after church one day. She got her books and put them up on the piano while playing like they were piano books. She is so smart and always finds a way to make things work.

I know I've mentioned it before but we love our library! They had a day where Mrs. Claus came and sang and read stories. Then they made snowflakes and ornaments. Emery was in heaven and was so proud to show Dad her snowflake.

This is my new favorite picture. It was raining which Emery loves anyway so as soon as it stopped we headed outside for a walk around the neighborhood. I love the pure joy that is on her face. This is her real smile which is rarely caught on camera but is seen constantly around our house.

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