Thursday, March 26, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning was really fun this year. Emery was much more into Christmas and was so excited to see what Santa brought her. I think Jefferson and I were even more excited to see her reaction to her presents than our own. Christmas is so much more fun with a little one.

Waiting to come downstairs Christmas morning. (Almost) two years old is the best Christmas age. She is still excited but not so excited that she woke up early so we all got to sleep in and enjoy an excited little girl Christmas morning.

Emery coming down the stairs to see what Santa brought her...a Minnie Mouse couch/fold out bed, a Minnie Mouse, and candy. She loves Minnie Mouse. When she saw Minnie sitting on the couch she said, "I wike to hold her" while holding her hands out for her. It was so cute. Good thing we have it on video.

Opening the rest of her presents from Mom and Dad.

A drive-by for some Christmas Ms (M&Ms) from Santa.

Emery had been asking for boots for months but I couldn't find any that fit her feet. Finally, we were at Kohls and tried some on and they fit! When I told her that we need to put them back she ran around the shoe department (with them still on) yelling "I Wike Boots!!" Emery never acts like this and stays very close to me any time we're out so I knew she really did love the boots. Luckily Dad was able to pick them up on his way home from work so she could have boots for Christmas.

Coloring with her new colors and Minnie Mouse coloring book.

Christmas Selfie.

After we hung out for a while at home playing with her new toys, eating breakfast, and enjoying Christmas together we got ready and headed out for the Moore's for Christmas afternoon/evening. We opened presents first thing because who can deny this cute face?

She was spoiled (again) with presents and loved opening them up.

She got a second Minnie Mouse and was so excited! This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it!

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