Thursday, April 9, 2015

Birthday Girl

Last year, when Emery turned 1, it was very bittersweet. It was so fun that she was growing up but I was sad that she wasn't ____ months old anymore. This year was party party party. I was so excited for her and didn't have that same little bit of sadness--although I did sneak into her room and take a picture of her sleeping in her last few hours of being a little 1 year old.

Happy Birthday 2 Year Old Girl!
We decorated the house after Emery went to bed. When she woke up there were streamers and other decorations everywhere. She loved running through these into and out of the laundry room.

Reese's Puffs. The birthday breakfast of champions.I love her face in this picture. She's so funny! She also loved her "Happy Birthday Table" (the pink and white tablecloth). We left it on for weeks after until there was just no saving it. 

Wednesdays are our library days (her favorite day of the week) so it was extra special that her birthday was on a Wednesday this year. It was about snowmen. Emery LOVES gluing. 

 Her last picture as a 1 year old.

After the library, Grandma and Papa met us at Paradise Bakery for lunch. Emery loves the white mac and cheese there. When we walked in they had her balloons sitting on her chair. She loved her Minnie balloon. For weeks after her birthday we still put her (deflated) balloons on her chair.

After lunch it was home for nap time and then time for Dad to come home. He brought home pizza for dinner (no pictures) which she ate 2 pieces of and then it was time for presents.

Minnie Mouse book


She loves puzzles and Dad spent a long time finding the perfect ones.

Minnie Mouse ears. She played with puzzles for the rest of the night and still plays with them every day. 

Showing off her puzzle.
Then it was time for the cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. She loved having us sing Happy Birthday to her so, of course, we sung it many times.

I think she had a great birthday and felt very special. Emery is such a sweet girl with such a big personality. She's stubborn but in a good way. I don't have to worry about her taking her shoes off at the park because the other kids are. If she wants to take her shoes off, that's a totally different story and it is very hard to keep them on her feet. She follows the rules and it such a big helper. The pantry is her safe place and I constantly find her in there eating her stash of chocolate and rearranging our canned food. She hates sleeping and loves singing. Her favorite color is green and she loves wearing her green cat shirt that she got for her birthday. I can't believe how well she talks and her ability to remember things. She is very concerned about others' feelings and will do everything she can to help you feel better. There are so many more things to love about Emery and we are lucky to have her with us forever. 

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