Thursday, April 9, 2015

January Happenings

Here's what we were up to in January...

Selfie with her baby. She loves being Mama.

Watching the rain in footie pajamas. Can life get any better?

Riding her dog.

Eating snacks while waiting for story time at the Library in her Mickey and Minnie shirt from Aunt Hayley.

Who knows where we were going but I love this picture. It's the epitome of what I see in the rearview.

This is the first time she rode in the car with her carseat facing forward. At first she wasn't sure but then she loved it.

Watching the rain on the back patio. January brought a lot of these moments. Emery loves the rain.

Playing on her slide and swing set from Grandma and Grandpa. She loves it and it has been a lifesaver. We're out there every day.

Falling asleep on her Minnie couch with her Minnie slippers and Minnie Mouse. 

Hanging out with Mama
Emery wasn't feeling well in January. She had a fever, horribly runny nose, and tummy issues. After a few days of sleeping on the couch all day and not getting any better I took her to the doctor. Thank goodness for a great pediatrician. She had a double ear infection and severe cold/flu. I felt so bad for her. She was miserable but after a couple days of antibiotics she was back to her normal self. On the way home from the doctor I stopped and got her chicken nuggets and french fries. She ate a few before falling asleep. I do love the extra snuggles but hate everything else about her being sick.
She looks so miserable.
I've said it before but Emery is the biggest little helper. She is always helping with the dishes, vacuuming, cleaning up, dusting, etc. This day, she was helping me mop.

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