Tuesday, April 14, 2015

February Happenings

February was a fun and busy month around here. I've come to realize that everyday life is just more fun with a 2 year old running around. Sunday nights are no longer filled with...I can't even remember what Sunday nights used to be like...and now they're filled with family dance parties and dressing up. Craziness has become the norm and we wouldn't have it any other way!

One of the many impromptu dance parties we have at our house. She also enjoys sitting on Dad's head.

Baby's turn to sit on Emery's head!

Dad and Emery dancing the night away

She's wearing her 'dancing skirt.'
 Valentines' Day was low-key but fun. Here she is eating the candy that grandma gave her to celebrate.

She really likes taking pictures of herself so she looks in the lens and then pushes the button--all assisted--so we get a lot of these pictures.

Emery loves to paint. She also loves Minnie Mouse so painting a picture of Minnie Mouse is about the best thing life has to offer.

We do Emery's hair most days. This day I thought her ponytail and bow just looked too cute so I took a picture. She refused to be distracted from Daniel Tiger so the pictures reflect her joy at me taking pictures of her during her show.

My little helper at it again...this time it's vacuuming.
 We're still working on going to nursery on her own but this way the first day that she went and stayed without mom or dad there so we took pictures to celebrate.

Just a tumbleweed outside our front door...no big thing.

Jefferson made these valences for all of our downstairs windows. It has made a HUGE difference and I love them. Let it be known that the valence on the left is not uneven like it appears in the picture. 

Silly girl!

Emery still sleeps in her crib but sometimes we take naps in the 'Book Room.' It's so cool and quiet in there. She always looks so big sleeping in a real bed.

Football Storytime at the Library. Emery really loves football so she was in heaven with the football theme.

She got sick with a bug again in February but, luckily, this one passed quickly and she was able to sleep it off. 

Loving it when Dad comes home. These two are serious buddies. She has to say goodbye to him in the morning and yells things like "Wuv you!" and "Drive safe!" as he's driving away.

Emery and her cow hat. We think it is hilarious every time she puts it on. She loves it.

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