Monday, June 15, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter this year was so fun! Emery is at such a great age where she's starting to get into holidays and get excited. I don't think she quite understood Easter Bunny yet but she sure did when she saw what the Easter Bunny left Sunday morning. It was also nice that General Conference was on Easter Weekend. It helped us remember the real reason why we celebrate Easter, plus it allowed us to have a nice, relaxing morning. 

Coloring Easter Eggs (Saturday). Last year we did this while Emery was napping and then gave her a plastic egg. This year she got to participate in the fun. Green is her favorite color so that was her first choice. 

Easter Morning. The Easter Bunny definitely delivered. There was a lot of candy along with things that helped us celebrate the Savior. Emery got a couple new shirts and headbands, along with 2 new quiet books for church. See that cute Easter Bunny on the right? All of the Clark cousins got together the weekend before Easter and made them. 

I think this chicken was her favorite thing from the Easter Bunny. It's one of the ones that you wind up and it hops. She still loves it. 

Sharing her jelly beans with the chicken.

Once Conference came on, we settled in to watch and listen to such beautiful messages about the Savior, Easter, and how we can improve and draw closer to Him. Emery and Dad also had a makeshift fort out of her blanket.

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