Thursday, November 12, 2015

September Around Here

Our sprinklers leaked so we took the opportunity to play in the mud. 

She loved it!

Dress up has started around this house. It is a lot of fun!

Emery and Mama on my birthday. I sure do love this girl 

Getting ready for the birthday outing with Mama and Grandma. We had a great time spending the day with Grandma! 

Getting spoiled by grandma getting to ride the little carousel at the mall. 

And getting to ride the big carousel 

Emery loved it!

The first day back at storytime at the library after their summer hiatus. That is the look of a happy 2 year old. 

Just riding her scooter on a randomly-nice day in September. 

Jefferson started a prep class for a big test that he has to take. I asked him if he wanted some snacks and Emery ran to the pantry, grabbed him her bottle of sprinkles, and put it by his backpack for his snack. It was adorable!

With dad in class one night a week we have come up with some pretty fun ways to pass the evenings. 

A little hose water never hurt anyone. 

Emery really does love storytime and Miss Sandy. 

These 3 crack me up. 

Playing dress up and tea party. 

Oh how we love the splashpad. 

Jeff had class on my birthday so he took the day before off of work. My sister in law made a cake for me anyway. 

Waiting for storytime outside the library...we really do LOVE our local library as you can now see by the number of pictures we have there. 

Dad brought Emery home some plastic tongs to use and she loves to pick things up with them. 

Outside the library...again...

Thank goodness Walmart sells fish. It makes for a nice visit when we're needing to get out of the house. 

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