Monday, November 9, 2015

Summer Wrap Up...August

More updates's how August treated us...

Celebrating our 5th Anniversary. Jeff and I went out to dinner and a movie that weekend but spent the day together as a family. 

I can count on one hand the number of times in Emery's entire life that she has just fallen asleep somewhere. Hence, this is definitely picture-worthy.

Emery loves anything crafty or creative. 

At Hobby Lobby, in August, looking at Christmas trees. Emery loved it!

Between the before-noon-special and the free Dunkin Donuts, we are big fans of Big O tires' oil changes. 

We went in to get the oil changed and it was sunny. We came out and had dirt in our teeth from just walking to the car. Of course, this is also the day that I needed to get gas. Notice the palm trees? It was pretty windy. 

Thanks to a friend of ours we went to the Diamondbacks' baseball game. 

Emery thought it was 'too loud.' 

Driving home through a crazy storm. It was so windy and raining like crazy. 

Loving life at the splash pad. 

She found a butterfly.

We had had a busy week so by 9:30 she was already needing a break. There's nothing better than a cuddly girl though.

She loves the pink cart at Frys. It makes shopping a lot easier. 

Her car wash turned in to a bubble party. 

Emery's favorite thing to do may be hiding. She hides everywhere all the time and will stay hidden for a long time before giving up her spot. 

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