Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Locked Out

So I am sitting here at the library because I locked myself out of my house. The bottom door knob on the front door is always "unlocked" on the inside even if it is locked on the outside. Therefore when I walked outside to get the mail, the wind blew the door shut behind me and I was locked out. Called the landlord who didn't answer so I proceeded to walk the two blocks to the library and left a message for Jeff to come pick me up at the library on his way home.

Lessons Learned:
-Leave your house before 2 o'clock in the afternoon so that you unlock the bottom door know when you get home, thus avoiding this situation.

-Although you may have been rearranging and cleaning all day, never go outside wearing something that you wouldn't want all of your town to see. I am wearing jeans with holes and paint on them (Mom was right and I should have thrown them away years ago to save myself from this day).

-Listen to your husband when he tells you to wear a jacket. It snowed last night so even though that melted it is freezing, I didn't put on a jacket to walk to the end of my building. Therefore, I was wearing jeans with holes and paint on them and no jacket. I'm surprised the police in the car at the stop light didn't ask me some questions. 

At least it's Spanish Fork so while I may never live this down with Jeff at least I know that no one in the library cares.

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  1. I DO NOT like those kinds of doornobs! We had one like that at our old house and I often got locked out. Luckily our neighbors had an extra key for us ;)