Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Student Teaching Observations

For my Practicum and Curriculum class, I am required to observe a student teacher as well as a...regular???...teacher. Originally I was not excited about this but I have worn more cute clothes during my procrastination week of observations than probably any other week in my entire life. Also, I am way more excited about my BYU badge that gets me into the schools than I probably should be. Now I realize that I will probably get annoyed with this very lanyard about a week into school since it severely harms my ability to wear a necklace. How am I supposed to accessorize? Just kidding, I personally think I looked quite cute today.

In other news, Jefferson and I have been married for 8 months today! Crazy how the time goes by so quickly. In one of my classes yesterday we made goals for ourselves in the next year. This meant that last night this statement may have come out of my mouth: "Jeff! A year from now we will be married for a year and 8 months!" This statement got this response out of him (after laughing): "Yes, and in fifty years we will have been married for fifty years and 8 months." Point taken but it is still exciting to think about.

Finally, why must the girl sitting next to me in class change the due date of an entire assignment because she is so annoying that the teacher finally throws the towel in? There is always one in every class right?

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