Sunday, July 7, 2013

SeaLife Arizona Aquarium

Since Jeff has Fridays off during the summer we have tried to take advantage of the extra time and do some fun things as a family. We decided to take Emery to the SeaLife Arizona Aquarium at Arizona Mills Mall (June 22). I think I had fairly low expectations due to the fact that it was an aquarium inside of a mall but still thought that it would be something fun to do in air conditioning that Emery would hopefully enjoy. Boy did that place exceed my expectations and we had a great afternoon! Now the trick to looking at these (and any) pictures of Emery is to look at her eyes. She smiles all the time but when we pull the camera out she gets mesmerized and doesn't smile. However, her eyes are very expressive so just look at them and you'll see how much she loves the aquarium.

This is when we very first walked into the aquarium and Emery got her first look at the stingrays swimming around. She LOVED it. Look at how big her eyes are!

How cool!

She is really having the greatest time!
I think this is the cutest picture with the turtle right there by her.

Looking at the star fish.

This was a 360-degree room so there were fish swimming all around you.

Under the Sea
Hanging out with Mom
Emery loved this tank
This was a tunnel that you walked through and you could see everything on both sides, above, and beneath you.
She was having a blast!

The Lionfish was by far Emery's favorite thing at the aquarium. Just look at that little face!
She kept trying to grab it every time it swam by. She had pretty great aim and timing too!

Looking at the octopus on the ceiling.


After the aquarium, we put Emery in the stroller and walked around the mall to do some shopping and eat. We looked down after about 5 minutes and this is what we saw...

...I guess that means it was a successful day.

The whole time Emery would look at something and then look at us like "how cool!" It was so fun seeing her little face take everything in and we know this is just the beginning of many fun family adventures to come.

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  1. That does look fun! Maybe I'll have to take the girls :)