Monday, July 1, 2013

The Achievements of a 4 Month Old

Yes, Emery is 5 1/2 months old now but I wanted to document exact dates of achievements in our sweet girl's life before I forget them...

Squealing: Sunday, June 9
Emery started squealing one Sunday afternoon. Jeff and I were in the kitchen making dinner and she was laying on her playmat in the living room. Now, she normally yells at her toys if she is frustrated with them being just slightly out of reach from her mouth. Nevermind that she can squeeze them or grab them with her hands and feet. If they do not reach her mouth she is yelling at them. That alone is cute but what came next had us and still has us laughing every time it happens. First, it was one little high-pitched squeal. Then, another. Then they became louder and longer until she was just squealing up a storm. She probably laid there and squealed for an hour and a half just loving life. Now she squeals more frequently but especially when she's on her changing table grabbing her feet.

Rolling Over on Her Own: Wednesday, June 12
Emery had been so close to rolling over for weeks and it seemed like every week we were sure that this was going to be it. The night before the big accomplishment she was seriously so close that Jeff and I were dying watching her almost get over and then end up on her back. Emery was getting so frustrated with it too so we were sure it would be soon. The next morning I went into the kitchen to get a drink while she was, again, on her playmat. When I came back she was on her tummy! We celebrated, took pictures, texted dad, and were so happy! The next time she did it I was sending an email and I feel her grabbing my foot. When I looked down she was on her tummy again. Now it's an hourly occurance and we're working on getting her to flip back the other way which she did once in her pack n play. For now she just yells at us once she's done being on her tummy until we come flip her over.

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